Symptoms of insulin resistance

What are the symptoms of insulin resistance? How to recognize them? Why is it important to get them to know? How far can I prevent future diabetes onset?

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First of all you must realize what is insulin resistance and unusual condition, in which your body insulin does not work properly.

That means that pancreas (the organ in your body responsible for the production of insulin) does produce and secrete it normally.

But what happens is that your body cells do not recognize it or do not respond to the affects of insulin.

As a consequence if you do not recognize the insulin resistance symptoms, soon or later you’ll finish having type 2 diabetes.

If you do recognize in time the symptoms of insulin resistance, you can prevent the future type 2 diabetes onset.

What are the symptoms of insulin resistance? How to recognize them?

You must keep in mind that usually there is not a specific symptom for insulin resistance.

And most of people do pass many years with its few symptoms, without noticing they have them.

These few and nonspecific symptoms include:

unusual fatigue, feeling all time with less energy. This is because your body cells are starving for energy which is provided from the sugar (glucose).

So, you’ll have high levels of glucose and insulin in your bloodstream at the same time.

several episodes of hypoglycemia during the day, especially when do not follow the regular schedules.

being overweight and having too much fat. This is mostly located in the tummy for males, and buttock for females.

increased blood pressure which is related to high levels of insulin in the blood stream.

Most of the above symptoms may not reveal you have insulin resistance.

If you notice all of them together with the following risk factors, you’ll be able to prevent future diabetes onset.

if you are overweight and your body mass index is higher than 25.

if you are older than 40 years of age.

if you belongs to a high risk population such as African, Latino Americans, Native Americans, or Asian Americans.

if you have a relative with type 2 diabetes, or with blood pressure or arteriosclerosis.

if you have a waist more than 40 inches if you’re a man or more than 35 inches f you’re a woman.

Why is it important to recognize insulin resistance symptoms? How far can I prevent future diabetes onset?

If you do recognize in time symptoms of insulin resistance, you’ll be able to prevent the future diabetes onset.

Everything is well balanced in our life. So is our glucose. But in case of insulin resistance this balance is down.

To make it repair you’ll need to do some changes in your lifestyle habits, together with your dietary strategies.

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