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Planning A Low Glycemic Load Diet


Planning a low glycemic load diet involves choosing foods that have a lower glycemic index and a lower glycemic load.

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Can Metformin Cause Weight Loss in Diabetics?


Metformin is a medication commonly prescribed to manage type 2 diabetes. While it is effective in controlling blood sugar levels

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Insulin resistance test

ways test insulin resistance

The insulin resistance test is a diagnostic test that measures the body's ability to respond to insulin.

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Prediabetic Fasting blood glucose drop

Hello, I have been diagnosed as prediabetic. I recently dropped my fasting blood glucose from 126 to 98. Is this considered a big improvement?

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How long to fast for A1C test?

A1c test

Sharing Experience: This is something very important, because most people still think that they have to fast, before the A1C test. However, this statement

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How is a1c and eAG calculated?

A1C to eAG Converter

The eAG is an estimate of a person's average blood glucose level over the previous 2-3 months, similar to the A1C test.

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Severe penis yeast infection in diabetics

QUESTION: Hi, I do have severe penis yeast infection and painful rash and bleeding. What might be the causes? Thank you

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Diabetes FAQ - Help and get Helped

If you have a question or feel like sharing your own experience, visit our Diabetes FAQ page.

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Relationship between body mass index (BMI) and diabetes


Body Mass Index (BMI) and diabetes are closely related. A high BMI is a major risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes.

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Glipicide user, 5 mg. Take prior to eating

For sometime now I’ve had extreme bouts of diarrhea, prior to this I was on metformin with even worse diarrhea. I told my dr. I wanted something that wasn’t

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Are Alzheimer's Disease and Diabetes Linked?

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease which is linked to diabetes due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

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Benefits of Yarrow Flower for Diabetes


What is Yarrow Flower? It is a flowering plant fall in family Asteraceae. It is mostly found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere

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Can diabetics go for beauty treatments or SPAs?

Sharing information on beauty treatments and spa in diabetics, benefits and risks.

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130 Fasting Blood Sugar Every Morning

Question: Hello, I have found my blood sugar fasting is 130 fasting every morning. Am I diabetic? What should I do? Do I need to start any treatment?

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