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NORMAL or DANGEROUS    Type Your Blood sugar Level:    mg/dl

Are Alzheimer's Disease and Diabetes Linked?

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease which is linked to diabetes due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

Continue reading "Are Alzheimer's Disease and Diabetes Linked?"

Benefits of Yarrow Flower for Diabetes

What is Yarrow Flower? It is a flowering plant fall in family Asteraceae. It is mostly found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere

Continue reading "Benefits of Yarrow Flower for Diabetes"

Can diabetics go for beauty treatments or SPAs?

Sharing information on beauty treatments and spa in diabetics, benefits and risks.

Continue reading "Can diabetics go for beauty treatments or SPAs?"

130 Fasting Blood Sugar Every Morning

Question: Hello, I have found my blood sugar fasting is 130 fasting every morning. Am I diabetic? What should I do? Do I need to start any treatment?

Continue reading "130 Fasting Blood Sugar Every Morning"

Blood Sugar higher than before on Insulin

QUESTION: Hello, My mother's doctor recently put her on insulin. Before the insulin her blood sugar was 7.8 now it is up to over 9. It has never been

Continue reading "Blood Sugar higher than before on Insulin"

At wits end-fasting blood sugar 100 - 400

QUESTION: Hello, I have been eating a low carb/no crab diet and my morning fasting levels seems to be going higher and higher. I currently take 850

Continue reading "At wits end-fasting blood sugar 100 - 400"

Does kidney failure cause hallucinations, forgetfulness?

QUESTION: Hello, I want to ask if kidney failure can cause hallucinations, forgetfulness? If so, why? Thank you. ANSWER: Hello, Kidney failure

Continue reading "Does kidney failure cause hallucinations, forgetfulness?"

Fasting sugar 130, post lunch 160, on medicines. Is it normal?

QUESTION: Hello, My fasting sugar is 130 mgdl, post lunch 160 mgdl, I am taking medicine 2 times daily. Is my sugar normal now? ANSWER: Hello Srvd,

Continue reading "Fasting sugar 130, post lunch 160, on medicines. Is it normal?"

Fluctuating blood sugar levels 198 to 130

QUESTION: Hello, I was diagnosed with T2D a year ago. I am female, 52yo, 5'2, weigh 200lbs and am post-menopausal. I have NAFLD and recently had an

Continue reading "Fluctuating blood sugar levels 198 to 130"

Very high Blood Sugar Level 250-400 mg/dl

Blood sugar level 250-400 mg/dl is considered as mild to moderate diabetes. It seeks immediate treatment due to the high risk of developing both, long-term and short-term complication.

Continue reading "Very high Blood Sugar Level 250-400 mg/dl"

blood sugar always around 90-120

QUESTION: Hello Dr. My blood sugar is constantly around 95-120 ALL THE TIME. From what I know I am not diabetic and my fasting glucose level last year

Continue reading "blood sugar always around 90-120"

Is FBS 107.4 mg/dL and PPBS 126.0 mg/dL to be worried?

QUESTION: The other day I have got tested my sugar level which is 107.4 mg/dL (FBS) and 126.0 mg/dL (PPBS). Are these readings are normal or abnormal?

Continue reading "Is FBS 107.4 mg/dL and PPBS 126.0 mg/dL to be worried?"

Normal level at bedtime (91), up 35 points in morning (145).

QUESTION: Why is my Blood sugar 91 when I go to bed at night and 145 when I get up in morning? Nothing to eat or drink during night. ANSWER: Hi Frances,

Continue reading "Normal level at bedtime (91), up 35 points in morning (145)."

Berberine and Type 2 Diabetes

QUESTION: Hello, My name is Yeffim, I'm 64 years old and I have Type 2 Diabetes (Fasting levels 120-135 , HbA1C 6.5), I'm trying to keep it balanced with

Continue reading "Berberine and Type 2 Diabetes"

Defrozen Okra for Diabetics - Does it Work?

QUESTION: I am researching natural ways to treat diabetes. I have JUST be diagnosed and heard about the Okra water approach. I have searched high and

Continue reading "Defrozen Okra for Diabetics - Does it Work?"

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