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Diabetes Blood Sugar Level - Key insights in Managing Diabetes


How to read and interpret the diabetes blood sugar level? Learn how to manage diabetes effectively by understanding blood sugar levels, their impact on health, and tips for maintaining optimal control.

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Use Fenugreek for Diabetes Control


How to use fenugreek for diabetes control? Is fenugreek good for diabetes type 2 or any other type? What is the right dosage? What about fenugreek warnings?

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Diabetic Impotence treatment options to regain regular sexual life

diabetic impotence

Diabetic impotence treatment options, overcoming through natural and medication cures to regain regular sexual life.

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Are Alzheimer's Disease and Diabetes Linked?

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease which is linked to diabetes due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

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Diabetes Vitamin D Deficiency & Benefits

Diabetes vitamin d link is like a “magic” one. Not only bones may benefit from vitamin d intake, but also insulin sensitivity could improve.

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Best Choices as Diabetes Foods

Diabetes foods

What diabetes foods to choose in diabetes? High carb or low carb foods? Foods that lower sugar?

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Chart for normal fasting blood sugar levels

normal fasting

A chart of normal fasting blood sugar levels visually represents the typical range of blood glucose concentrations after an overnight fast between 80&100mg/dl

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica Diabetic with insulin therapy

How to treat polymyalgia rheumatica with diabetic complications, and on insulin therapy, sugar 98 losing cosciousness.

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Lacking of blood on the legs

Question: Hi, My father is diabetic, his legs show signs that there's no good flow of blood. What should he do to recover please lacking of blood on

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Indian Diabetic Food Plan

QUESTION: Hello How should be a diet plan for a diabeticfluctuation in blood sugarfluctuation in blood sugar from high to low and from low to high..

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High glucose in morning

QUESTION: Hello, When I go to bed my sugar is 130 to 140. When I wake up it is 185. I don’t eat carbs and take jaudiance and januvia to control my diabetes.

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A Simple Bitter Melon Diabetes Recipe

bitter melon

Hear out how you can add bitter melon to your daily diet to get benefits of lowering blood sugar.

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Is blood sugar level of 107 or 110 mg/dL high?

Causes of Slightly High Blood Sugar

QUESTION: Hi I have been having just alittle bit high blood sugar which goes some times up to 107 or 110 and my doctor said that i do not have to worry

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Recently Diagnosed with type II diabetes at 20 years old

QUESTION: Hi, I have just recently been diagnosed with type II Diabetes and well to be frank I don't know how to start getting better naturally. I

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Mental Alteration in Diabetics!

mental alternation

Blood sugar got to a low of 58 with mental status being altered - causes & treatment.

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