About me.

Hello everyone.

My name is Alba Greca. I'm a Medical Doctor (MD) and the founder of this website.

Why this site?

Information is the basic of our life. If we don’t know, we cannot change for the better and cannot avoid the worst. Both of my parents are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

All their life, they slept their mind over and just said: “Oh, I’m going to eat this, and then I’ll take Metformin, and blood sugar is back to normal again”.

Yes, my dears, my father was a 20 years diabetic, not strong enough to control it naturally, and not willing to do regular check-ups. I’m not telling this to terrify you. No!

The only thing I want is to make you realize the importance and the power of knowledge. I was just a kid when my father was diagnosed with diabetes, and I’ve started to gather info to help him.

But, when I finally found the right info for him, I couldn’t help so much. But I have my mother. She is a diabetic too, and I try until I have the last breath to advise her about her condition, and how to take proper care.

I started to write this website over, to share my knowledge and latest news I find anywhere, in medical and scientific sources with you, in order to give you a hand in managing your diabetes.

Why natural cures?

To me, everything that comes from nature is the only thing which copes with our body necessities. When you’re a diabetic, you need to reinforce your body “powers” to lower blood sugar levels, since this is broken.

Starting from the right foods such as: berries, fruits and vegetables (those safe from high carb), and coming to herbs such as bitter melon, gymnema sylvestre, cinnamon, banaba, aloe vera, chromium, etc which can reinforce the “lowering-blood-sugar” arsenal of your body and maintaining the missing balances.

The medical team is still doing research on these “natural-solutions” and some of them have come out that “Yes”, they really work. But research is research, must be going on.

Nowadays, you may have everything you want. If you want bitter melon, but you live in Europe and cannot find there, the tropical countries can send to you. But, there is more!

Supplements (Extract from natural cures)

If you live at any part of the world and you can not find natural cures. Supplements that are made from extract of these natural cures can help a lot because they take the extract from all the herbs and come up with one product.

Out there are a lot of but I have make one review page about one of them.

The only problem with supplements is that they are expensive if you living in the third world it is almost all you earn in one month.

However; keep in mind that you should not stop taking your medications without consulting your endocrinologist. Also, inform your doctor that you're trying the “natural remedies” for better follow-up.

At the end I wish the information you found in my website could be helpful for you!

Good luck! Stay firm! Keep healthy!

If you have any question or suggestion please contact me. 

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