Balanitis in Uncircumcised Diabetics

Balanitis in Uncircumcised Diabetics

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Today, I have come across a history of a diabetic who is suffering from chronic balanitis and I decided to share it with you.  

This patient is having swelling of the tip of the penis together with itching and pain.  

His concern is diabetes and interested on different surgical methods on getting circumcised and the effect on sexual function.

I will try to get through his concerns step by step clarifying all doubts.

What is Balanitis and why it occurs?

It is the swelling/inflammation of the head of penis/foreskin. This mostly occurs in uncircumcised men and in those who have a poor genital hygiene. Furthermore, if you have a recent injury to the head of penis would cause its swelling.

Diabetics are more prone to balanitis, especially those with uncontrollable blood sugar levels. As in other cases of infection, balanitis is hard to get healed if the blood glucose of one diabetic is not well-controlled.

There are many other causes including allergic reactions to perfumed soaps/spray/cream that could trigger the swelling of the foreskin.

Sexual transmitted diseases are also very often occurring in uncircumcised men, triggering balanitis with penile discharge.

Why you need to know this?

I wanted to share with your this history to help you understand if the problems you might be facing with foreskin could be serious if no proper measure is taken accordingly.

What should I know about balanitis treatment in diabetics?

As mentioned earlier, diabetics are more prone to infection. When it comes to balanitis, such problems are commonly aggravated by being uncircumcised.

There are various ways of treating this condition including:

-          Keeping good local hygiene. This is the most important thing. You must wash your genitalia well with warm water and soap. Try to use unsecent soaps or hypoallergic soaps. Try to pull your foreskin in order to clean the dirties inside.

-          Applying over-the-counter antibiotic ointments/creams. Be careful when choosing anti-itching creams as they might contain corticosteroids. The long-time use of steroids can cause further hormonal disbalances and increased blood sugar.

-          Oral antibiotics are necessary when there is a co-infection such as urinary tract infection, penile discharge, general symptoms or fever, etc.

-          Circumcision is the last and permanent solution. However, before such decision, your urologist will evaluate your general health together with routine blood works including fasting blood sugar, HbA1C to evaluate your diabetes.

In either case, the most important thing is to keep your blood sugar under control and take proper hygienic measures.

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