Guggul Uses in Diabetics

guggul herbs benefits diabetes

While shopping in the Asian drugstores, I have noticed they were selling Guggul extract.

It is a shame for me as a doctor not to know about this plant, but as I was younger, I could accept not knowing everything.

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So, I decided to make a research. Why we, Europeans do not use Guggul as much as Asians are using? Is it because it is not Europe-native or what else?

The purpose of my article today is to understand the benefits of using guggul and who can really get those benefits?

Now, guggul itself is the oleo gum resin derived from Commiphora mukul tree, resident in India. There are many components inside the oleo gum including gum, essential oils, flavones, minerals, sterols, sterones, ferrulates and terpenes.

Why can diabetics use Guggul?

The main purpose of using guggul is to cut the risk or ameliorate atherosclerosis. In fact, it is a common belief that guggul might affect the lipid metabolism.

That is very important for diabetics as they are often experiencing problems with high cholesterol.

Furthermore, inflammation, nervous and cardiac disorders are often associated with diabetes. The active ingredients inside guggul include the guggulsterones who exhibit their biological activities offering such benefits.

Please understand that I am forcing you to use guggul. My only aim is to help you find out what natural remedies exist to optimize blood sugar and to minimize other complications associated with diabetes. And guggul is one of them.

Surprisingly, studies have found that guggul is more effective among the Asian populations rather than others (including Europeans). The most probable explanation is related to the diet of each population.

The Asian menu is full of delicious foods containing too much grease, leading to problems with cholesterol; while the Western menu is much lighter, with fewer requests for such natural remedy as guggul.

This is true. During the time I stayed in Asia, I have tasted the delicious foods there; they were unique, but with a bad effect on me: gaining weight.

Some of the foods I remember I have tasted are Chai tow kway, some types of pies called Murtabak, and frying the rice, some types of Indian breads, etc.

I have noticed that they use grease and frying in excessiveness more than we do. Actually, as a Mediterranean resident, I was used with olive oil, which, unfortunately, I did not found as virgin as it was written in the labels of the bottles sold in the Asian markets:)))

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