Using Bilberry for Blood Sugar Control?

In this article, I would like to talk about Bilberry and what this plant can do for blood sugar control.

bilberry benefits diabetes

The very first use of bilberry I randomly recommend to my patients is to control urinary tract infections. Together with cranberry, I have seen they really can help ease such problems. 

Now, as the main focus of our website is to discover what Nature brings to us that we should wisely use, I have come across research data showing other beneficial effects of bilberry for blood sugar control. 

Please keep in mind that one herb/plant or drug or whatever you are using cannot do the miracles for you. If you really work hard to implement healthy lifestyle and diet habits, that will lead to the success of beating diabetes. 

Before giving info on bilberry, I would like to share with you a conversation I had today with one of my diabetic patients during the scheduled visit. 

Every time he presents at my clinic, he is always complaining about being tired, lack of energy and could not move. Although I repeat that physical activity is crucial, that seems an "impossible mission" to him as he cannot move due to occlusion of peripheral veins in his legs, for which he was undergone an intervention. 

Then, I advised about using herbal teas for diabetes that could possibly help improve his blood circulation in his legs; thus, easing his pain. At least, he could try; but he was skeptical. 

What I have seen is that people (patients) want to have medicines believing that they could make miracles.  This is not true.

My patients are so "hostile" in underestimating other preventive and caring measures that sitting down without doing anything is considered as their best solution to their feeling tired and being in pain. 

I am doing such talking to make you realize that although we are teaching the benefits of so many herbs or other natural remedies for diabetes; you should always try them altogether without surrendering. 

Now, let's see what bilberry can do for diabetes. 

What is Bilberry?

I like to call it the "cousin" of cranberry, huckleberry, blueberry; in other words "berry" family:))

What are his medicinal benefits?

As I told you earlier, this "berry" family has been always used to treat inflammatory conditions, including urinary tract infections, typhoid fever, urinary stones, etc.

Research has shown that the components in bilberries called anthocyanosides have positive effect in improving retinal function, strengthening blood vessels and reducing the inflammation as above-mentioned. 

By improving retinal function and the blood circulation in there, some studies have concluded the improvement in diabetic retinopathy. However, I should emphasize that further evidence is required. 

I do not want to confuse you further with medical data; but, I repeat once again that I want to help you understand the benefits of using what nature reserves for us. 

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