What Is A Normal Blood Glucose Reading?

What is a Healthy range for glucose reading?

normal blood  sugar level readings

It is true that when you know your blood sugar levels will help you get better control of diabetes.

There are several tests you may undergo to check your blood glucose level if it’s in normal range or not.

Basically, the normal blood sugar reading should be as following (according to ADA - American Diabetes Association for adult):

Blood glucose before meal: 80 – 130 mg/dl
Blood glucose 2 hours after meal: <180 mg/dl 

A1C ( which shows how well you’ve been managing diabetes during the last 3 months: <7.0%.These are the normal figures that you should get most of the times when you perform a blood glucose test.

How to achieve normal blood glucose level?

Normal Blood Glucose Reading

 Usually, diabetics will not get the normal blood sugar reading figures all the time.

Therefore, it is very important for you as a diabetic to keep your blood glucose levels at a steady and healthy range.In other words, you must get almost the same figures, not too high neither too low.

In addition, you can follow certain simple steps (such as shifting to a different lifestyle, with less bad habits, etc.) will help you control better diabetes and keep your glucose figures within the healthy range.

Patient's experience: 

Please be informed that I am not an expert on type 2 diabetes. I am just a plain type 2 diabetic. When I was diagnosed in July 1991, my first blood sugar reading was 468 mg/dl. I was supposed to be on several anti-diabetes pills. I did not take them. It was good that our family physician allowed me to do the so-called diet and exercise way of managing my diabetes. Long story short, I am now the only type 2 who has been healthy and drug-free for 26 long years. (Read my story on Kindle ebook: Type 2 Diabetes Pioneer.)

Here's what I have been doing: Every day, I run the stairs no less than 1 hour in 4 sessions. I do the running immediately before I eat. I used to eat 3x/day. During the last 3 years, I have been eating only twice/day, no snacks, only water between meals. Here's the kicker: I have been eating mostly carbohydrates. Why? Because they are delicious, cheap, easy to digest, and most readily available. 

What seems to be the secret formula: use up every calorie you take in so that you don't gain weight.

Since my diagnosis, I have consistently been having high fasting and post-meal sugar levels every day. They have never bothered me.

Bonny Damocles, male, 81 years old, 5'7", 137 lbs.

Past A1c's: 5.2% - 6.3% (5.8% on 2JUN17), 20 mg/day Lisinopril for blood pressure is the only med I take.

Take Home Tips

Be strong enough to say “NO” to alcohol , smoking and stressful situation , and/or try to dominate them.

Keep on exercising, and continuous deep breathing to relieve your body from stressful “toxins”.

Other thing you should remember is to switch to a better dietary strategy .
At last, I want you to keep in mind that everything that comes from nature is the best choice for you.

Say “NO” to processed food and a big “YES” to the natural ones.


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