Beauty Treatments and SPA for Diabetics!

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Today I wanted to share some “beauty” secrets for all of you who are diabetics. I do not want to make huge changes in you but want to share if you really can go for such beauty treatments.

The today’s discussion is dedicated to those who love beauty treatments and SPAs.

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They are a sort of way of expressing your self-esteem. In other words, it is a cosmetic way of looking after you, your skin, and your entire body.


SPA refers to treatment with hot water for soothing and relaxation purposes. Although the positive benefits, SPAs carry some potential risks especially when it comes to diabetics.

Should diabetics go for SPAs or other beauty treatment?

Yes, diabetics can look after their beauty because they deserve to look cool. However, please bare in mind that when you go for beauty treatments, you share facilities with others. Sharing is good because we are feeling equal and in peace with others.

However, sharing carries its own problems, as the following:

  • Infectious diseases of the skin. Pedicure is the most demanded procedure for diabetics, especially for those having peripheral neuropathy.

However, if you go for pedicure, bring your personal water container with you. This is to minimize the risk of infecting your skin.

Contaminated water and other supplies used during SPA treatment have been reported in many studies. It will be much more easier for diabetics with skin problems (such as ulcers, etc.) to go easily infected when running SPA treatment.


  • Furthermore, rubbing or massaging of the skin (especially without gloves) can also contribute to infections, especially of a severe type such as Cellulitis.


  • If you are having damages to the nerves (peripheral neuropathy), then, do not go for SPAs. Such nerve damages cause your feet lose sensitivity. When you go for SPAs, your foot will not check well if the water is too hot or too cold, leading to further unwanted damages.


  • You can go for treating your toenails. Can even put varnish on them. However, try to have breaks in between them.


  • You should not do a tattoo although you love it. It could aggravate your skin condition and cause further infection.


  • If you like sauna, they do carry their own risks too, especially when it comes to lungs problems apart the skin. Frequent sauna can cause severe infection and problems to the lungs.


So, as you may see, there are some risks you should consider when deciding for beauty treatments or SPAs. You should go for a therapist who is specialized in massaging or treating diabetics.

At the end, everyone loves beauty. However, no one loves the “risky beauty”. Try the risk-free treatments to get the biggest benefits and avoid risks as much as you can.

I also recommend to take good care of your skin and feet and get them checked regularly for any abnormal damage.

All the best! Thank you for following!



Last reviewed 01/23/2021

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