What Are Avandia Side Effects?

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effects of  avandia

Avandia side effects are attracting the attention of diabetics and their caregivers recently. It is true that this drug makes the person’s organism more responsive to the insulin. Therefore, the patient’s status is bettered really fast and he/she will have a normal life.

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There are two different groups for the side effects of the Avandia medication depending on the alert status: 1- for patients and 2- for doctors.

This grouping is done only for better understanding purposes only.

Although all diabetics taking Avandia are at risk of developing its side effects; however, not all of them suffer actually from side effects. This is because the people have different way to respond to the drug.

They have different metabolism, gene structure and enzyme kit operating in their body. That’s why the different side effects could appear in one person and they could not appear in other people.

The side effects here are grouped as follows:

1. Alergic reactions: itching, hives, rush, difficulties breathing, swelling in the mouth, pain in the chest.

2. Problems with the vision: blurred vision or any other changes in the vision.

3. Increased pressure in the head: headache, vomiting, stomach pain

4. Symptoms showing a heart failure: swelling of the legs, hands, face; you feel that you can not catch your breath

5. Liver problems: yellow skin/eyes, dark urine,

6. Overdose of the drug, where the sugar blood level will be lower: anxiety, sweating, tachycardia (increased heart rate).

If you see any of those things, you must not doubt to contact your doctor right away. He/she might need to regulate your dosage or replace this drug with some other drug.

The avandia side effects for doctors must be reviewed only by them because they are more severe than the common side effects. In most cases they will explain you these side effects. These side effects are:

1.Upper respiratory tract infection - Many studies were carried on to found the exact percentage of the people who get this complication. It is estimated that about 9.9 of the people that are on Avandia mono-therapy received this complication.

The reason for this complication is because people’s immune system is further suppressed by the hypoglycemia because of the drug.

2. Headache/Neck pain - common symptoms that may indicate that the therapy has to be reviewed for regulation.

3. Hyperglycemia/Hypoglycemia - in the first condition the level of sugar is elevated and in the second the level of sugar is low. This could result as a low dosage of the drug and you will get hyperglycemia. Hypoglycemia will occur in people that take more than they should take.

Knowing the avandia side effects is essential for doctors and patients to make sure that appropriate measures will be taken.

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