Glucophage and Weight Loss - Is It a Side Effect or Benefit?

Glucophage and Weight Loss - Get your fats reduced!


Glucophage (Metformin) is a drug used to treat diabetes and the people must be aware of the weight loss that would experience during the treatment with this drug.

The drug has really interesting mechanism of influencing the diabetic condition because it reduces the quantity of glucose produced by the liver. That’s how it prevents the organism from going to hyperglycemic condition.

This drug is used to treat people with diabetes type 2 , which suffer from obesity and overweight. It reduces the general amount of lipids in the body, especially those around the belly.

Weight loss is one of the primary effects of Glucophage. There is a direct correlation between the time that you have been taking the drug and the amount of pounds that you lose during this treatment.

Glucophage and weight loss - How it works?

Many people use glucophage for weight loss. They have a reason to do that. Generally, when we eat sugar enters in our intestines. Then this sugar is reabsorbed by the intestines and through the bloodstream it enters the liver. This is the place, where the sugar is released from.

It enters the blood circulation and gets to every organ in our body, including the pancreas. This gland secretes insulin. Insulin is the one hormone, who says to the brain “Hey, we want more food”. That’s how more sugar enters the body and more insulin is secreted.

This is the vicious circle, operating in every person. There are a lot of suppressors, which are present in the healthy people, which protect them from going overweight.

However in people suffering from diabetes types 2, these mechanisms are not functioning correctly. That’s why most of the people with this condition gain a lot of weight. However, glucophage weight loss is present to help them control their condition better and restore their normal weight.

Glucophage reduces the quantity of the secreted sugar from the liver. This means that quantity of insulin released is going to be low. This simple mechanism prevents obesity and helps cure it for good.

Glucophage and weight loss - How long should you take the drug?

Glucophage and weight loss are two things that are connected. However, if you want to experience the effect of losing weight, you have to very persistent with your treatment.

The results will show in 1-2 months but they are not permanent because the disruption in patient’s metabolism is permanent.

Taking the drug every day during the treatment will allow you to maintain your current weight or better your present overweight. You have to take regularly and that’s how you will make the affects to last longer, even months after you have stopped the therapy with glucophage.

Weight loss and other Side effects of Glucophage

They are the same face of one coin. You will be able to reduce your obesity dramatically, with minimum side effects including: gastrointestinal problems, reduction in the absorption of the vitamin B12.

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