How To Select The Best Diabetes Diet?

What diet is considered as the best for diabetes?
Can I still eat my favorite food or I should abandon it?
How to choose the right foods to prepare my daily menu?

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Going around with all these questions in mind is really a tough job. Apart of that, it will take your daily precious time only wondering about what to eat and not to eat.

If you are diabetic, that doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your foods. It is true that the best way to cure diabetes is to watch what you eat. That does not mean to count every carbohydrate grams. No. Really, it’s not necessary.

The only thing you need to do is to follow sagacity for everything you eat.

Now, let’s think for a while about our body. What is our body’s composition? The most part of it is water, around 70%. Taking this into account, you can simply think on what you need to consume everyday. Your body needs mostly water.

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So, why don’t you supply your body with what it needs? Give it water if you want to be healthy. Even if you are diabetic, your body mostly needs water.

Where can you find water? I’m not telling you just to drink all the time water or even other juices. No way. You can’t live with only taking water.

What I want to tell you is that you must choose those foods that have around 70% water. Those foods are fruits and vegetables. And here we are. This is the best diet for you as a diabetic.

Try to put fruits and vegetables into your daily meal plan, in order to beat diabetes. You can eat fruits raw, sliced, with yogurt, or even canned.

But be careful of the saying “Canned in its juice”, because this is the right canned fruit to consume. You can try raw vegetables, stew or salads, or even canned.

If you want to learn how to organize the foods in your daily menu, get a sample diet with low calories and see the results.

What you need to do is to organize your daily meals around those foods that are rich in fibres, and can lower your sugar blood level. And here you have another diet for you.

Next, since diabetic people have vitamins deficiency and need more nutritional elements.

If choose fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, dairy products that are low-fat, and also low-fat meats like fish, you can have all the natural nutritional elements you need.

You must keep in mind that the most important thing is not only what you eat, but how much you eat. There is meaningful saying I’d wish to tell you: Don’t try to be a camel, but try mostly to be a horse. You need food all the day.

Try to organize your food meals and have them regularly. 

There is one thing I’d wish to ask you: Our grandparents did eat a lot of cookies. Every snack was home-made cookies with sugar, honey, nuts, with a lot of calories.

Why diabetes was not a worrying problem for them? Why diabetes didn’t kill lots of people at those times?

The answer is simple. What we do today is skipping the meals, and be like camels. We just sit around the computer, and do no activity. Once upon a time, our grandparents used to follow the chicken all around the field until they got it, cooked it, and served it as a dish. And they didn’t miss a meal. Never. Always tried to eat regularly.

Why can’t you do the same?

Following regular scheduled meals, no excess of amount of food consumed, eating selected foods. This is the best diabetes diet.

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