Symptoms of diabetes

While talking about symptoms of diabetes, you must keep in mind that there are no clear real symptoms, and not all the individuals present all them.

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Diabetes symptoms vary from person to person making observations as difficult as comparing life insurance quotes in a time besot by financial crisis. The best thing you can do is to learn more about these symptoms and weigh how many of them applies to you.

The most common symptoms of diabetes that one can experience are as follow:

• Constant excessive thirst and Unusual increased urination

If you have diabetes,due to high sugar blood level, fluid comes out from cells to blood stream in order to adapt to this new situation. This cause dehydration of body cell, they suffer lack of fluid.

But here interfere your body thirst center which makes you to drink a lot of water or other juices. When you take lots of juices, you may experience frequent urination daily and nights.

• Increase hunger and weight gain as common symptoms of diabetes

When you have diabetes, you lose too much fluid and too much sugar. Your body needs to compensate them by craving sweets or other foods as well.

This experience of increase hunger causes you a fast weight gain. But this is not good for you body, and diabetes and weight gain is not a 'good-impact' link. It has a negative influence on your diabetes course too.

• Vision changes

If you have diabetes, you may experience sudden vision changes, such as blurred vision. This is caused because, due to diabetes changes in your eye tissues, they tend to pull out from your lenses.

This makes you disable to focus, but if you take appropriate treatment, this can be restored. But, in serious cases of diabetes, these vision disorders can be prolonged, and maybe it leads you to blindness.

• Not healing skin infections

During diabetes, your body process of healing is hindered due to high sugar blood level. Mostly, you can experience recurrent skin infection.

Or, if you are a woman, you may have problems due to no properly recovery from vaginal and bladder yeast infections.

So, you must pay attention to all these kinds of recurrent infections, because they are a signal for you : you might have diabetes.

On the other hand you should know about diabetes skin care to avoid future severe skin injuries.

• Tingling or Numbness

While you experience diabetes, your high sugar blood level damages your nerves and your nerves blood vessels too. This leads to some specific symptoms such as tingling or numbness in your hands or feet.

Maybe, you can also, experience some burning sensation in hands, arms, legs or feet.

• Gums disorders

Another symptom you can experience during diabetes, are several gums disorders. During diabetes your gums may be tender, swollen or red. Your teeth may be loose due to gums pulling away from your teeth.

There might be present, also, gum infections and several gum diseases. You may try an alternative to protect your gums, and at the same time a no-carbohydrates sweetener at all.

• Some other common symptoms of diabetes

Diabetic people may suffer from feeling very tired, weak, fatigue most of the time. Also, they may experience loss of appetite, dry skin, stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, or even hair loss.

If you want to know more about what can you do for diabetes and hair loss, click here.

These are some common symptoms for diabetes that you may experience. You must keep in mind, that you may not experience all the symptoms. They vary from one individual to another.

Also, you must remember that you may have diabetes symptoms, but you are not aware of them, because they can be unnoticed.

What do you have to do if you notice to have them?

You can make a simple sugar blood test yourself, and immediately consult your doctor for further follow up.

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