Sulfonylureas side effects and alternatives

Sulfonylureas side effects and alternatives

There are two generations, and both two cause serious sulfonylureas side effects.

These drugs give stimuli to the beta cells of your pancreas to increase the amount of insulin release.

Thus, in stand of their use alone, a combination with metformin or thiazolidinediones is being considered.
But, this combination has resulted to cause several mixed sulfonylureas side effects also.

The first and most problematic side effect is sudden Hypoglicemia, the sudden onset of low blood sugar level. In this cases, if you face a sudden hypoglicemia with these signs:

- sudden weakness
- hands sweating
- tremor
you should take a sugar fruit, or a sugary juice.
You can reduce the amount of sulfonylureas intake, consulting your doctor too.

If you're taking glimipiride, you should care of hypoglicemia, because this drug can dangerously prolonged it.

What is more, the most undesirable side effects of sulfonylureas is the weight gain. This is because of the edema and reduced osmotic diuresis.( the urine contains high concentration of sugar).

Also, sulfonylureas cause water retention,i.e. The body keeps excessive water inside without eleminating through osmotic diuresis of kidneys ( the urine contains high concentration of sugar).

If you are pregnant, you should not take sulfonylureas, because they are strictly teratogenic, i.e.they can damage your baby, causing miscarriage,or different monstrous malformations to your baby.

If you are nursing, or if you are allergic to sulfa drugs also. absolutely you should not take the sulfonylureas.

Headaches, abdominal disorders, hypersensitivity reactions should be considered during sulfonylureas intake.

Some of patients taking sulfonylureas are reporting to have some heart disorders.

What is more, sulfonylurea drugs interact with several other drugs. But you have to understand that sulfonylurea drugs bind to specific proteins in blood, and in this way their lifetime could be prolonged. Several drugs and kreatinine, can take the sulfonyureas place in these specific proteins, and, in this way, the sulfonylureas drop in the blood stream, and its increased levels can lead to serious health problems with sulfonylurea side effects.

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