Foods to avoid diabetes

Actually, as a diabetic you’ll need to cut some foods to get a better control of your high blood sugar level. Generally, these are all the foods high in sugar or carbohydrates.

Once you avoid this kind of foods, you’ll give yourself a helpful hand in keeping your diabetes under control.

This means that these kind of foods do really exist. What are they then?

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Once again they are some kind of foods high in carbs, which can raise your blood sugar levels immediately. This leads to sugar balance break up and high blood glucose levels.

Even if you don’t have diabetes, but have a risk of a future diabetes onset, this kind of foods will help you also avoid future diabetes onset.

Below I’m giving you a list of foods to avoid diabetes, in order for you to understand and wisely perform your diabetic daily meal plan.

Foods to avoid totally:

- White sugar, artificial sweeteners (The only allowed sweetener is stevia), including honey, white flour and junk food.


- Alcohol.

Foods to care for the amount intake:

- Sweets, glucose, soft drinks, cream and fried foods, fruit sugar, cakes, ice cream, and chocolates.

- Foods made from white flour, rye, corn, polished rice, bread, pasta, pastry, cakes, biscuits, pies.

- Concentrated dairy products, such as cheese, cottage cheese. (Except in small amounts)

- Fruits such as bananas, mango, grapes, strawberry, custard apple, date.

- Packaged foods such as fast foods, chips, ready-to-eat foods, snack foods and "health foods.

Remember: Fruit juices are much higher in carbohydrates than fresh fruit. And also lack in dietary fiber.

The best diabetes foods all the time remain fresh vegetables and fruits.


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