Chart of blood sugar levels

How does the chart of sugar levels help you get better control of diabetes?
What steps can you follow to improve your own chart?

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First of all, to make it clear, this chart is like a “to do list”, with a range of actions you may take to get a better control of your diabetes.

Next, keep in mind that the chart will serve as a marvelous guide to help you identify if the changes you've made are helping in beating your diabetes.


As the chart contains the figures of your blood sugar, you should compare them with the normal and abnormal ranges. You should record your figures and pass them to your doctor. 

The table at the top of this page shows the ranges for normal (healthy) blood glucose and for pre-and-diabetes. So, you can compare your blood glucose records with those drawn in this chart. 

How to use a blood sugar chart?

It is very easy. If you have a look at it, it is connected with blood sugar log sheet. In other words, once you fill up your log sheet, the result will automatically appear in the related glucose chart. In this way, you can see it straight away how your sugar reading stays in comparison with the normal ranges.

chart of blood sugar levels

Get your blood sugar chart with excel chart

Also You  can  get  it in  other formats

Printable blood sugar chart (PDF File)

Printable blood sugar chart (excel sheet)

Every time you measure your blood glucose, the chart will show your result, becoming longer and longer. Therefore, you can see how well you have been managing your diabetes.

Keep in mind that you cannot put the blood sugar levels in eternity because it will be hard for you to see all those results in a small chart.

To make it easier, you can make a log sheet for just a week or a month, and see the oscillations of your blood glucose in the chart.

What else should I know?

Please apply all the right rules when measuring your blood glucose. In addition, check your glucose meter function occasionally to see its accuracy. 

What steps can you follow to improve your own chart?

improvement in your diabetes control

First, write down your own chart, and register your blood sugar levels figures anytime you measure them and compare with the normal range figures provided in the above table.

If you measure your blood sugar levels before meals, and it comes up between 80 and 120 mg/dl, that means that you are doing a good job on controlling your diabetes.

In case your figures before meals come out more than 120mg/dl, that means you need to undertake some more changes to get better improvement in your diabetes control.

However, do not forget to set your own goals with your personal doctor for better diabetes management.

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  • Each time you measure your figures, always compare them with the normal ones, because that will give you a better idea on how well you're managing your diabetes. However, if you already know the normal ranges, then it could be easier for you to figure out your situation quickly.
  • In case you see high to dangerous sugar levels , you must analyze where the problem is lying. Therefore, you should consider further changes, maybe in your daily lifestyle habits, or maybe you can change your dietary strategies. 
  • Or, if you are not taking any hypoglycemic drugs yet, you should consult with your doctor to start the best suitable for you.
  • In case you are already taking diabetes drugs, then you should adjust the dosage according to the data in your chart of blood sugar levels.
  • Another important thing I wanted to emphasize: You should never surrender in following the right steps while beating diabetes. You take all the above-mentioned actions in order to succeed.

REMEMBER: Never Give Up! 

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