Blood sugar level chart in alcoholics

QUESTION: What is the blood sugar level chart in alcoholics?

ANSWER: Hi there,

The most important thing to understand here is how the use of alcohol affects the glucose level. When you drink alcohol, during the first 20-30 minutes a slight elevation of the blood glucose is observed. This is happening, because the alcohol contains glucose, which goes directly to the blood stream.

However, the bad thing is that after those 20-30 minutes, severe blood glucose drop is observed. This drop is caused by the blockage of the liver’s enzymes, caused by the alcohol.

When these enzymes are blocked, they can take the glucose from your stomach, but they can’t metabolize it. Sometimes, this blockage causes hypoglycemia - very low blood glucose, which is characterized by syncope and coma. That is why diabetics are advised not to consume alcohol.

  • The other bad thing, related to the chronic usage of alcohol is that it damages the liver. When you liver is damaged, it is not able to transform the glucose, which comes from your stomach. As a consequence, you have low or very low blood glucose concentration, which can worsen your problems.

    You have to know that there are two types of damages caused to the liver by chronic use of alcohol:

    1 - hepato-steatosis: this is
    also called the lighter one because the liver still has the ability to metabolize glucose. In this case, the glucose changes are not causing severe damages, but hepato steatosis may be transformed into cirrhosis, which is the second liver damage.

    2 - Cirrhosis is the final stage of liver damaging, because the liver is not able to produce and transform glucose. This is characterized by permanent low blood glucose level (under 60mg/dl) and you have to seek medical attention immediately.

    Therefore, a blood glucose chart for alcoholics depends on the liver damage, which can be estimated only by your personal doctor as he/she knows better your clinical condition.

    Hope it helped!


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