Low blood sugar in the morning

QUESTION: My brother was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 about three years back. He finds that when he wakes in the morning his blood sugar is low and is highest after lunch.

Shouldn't it be highest in the morning? and is there any way of preventing the blood sugar levels from fluctuating too much?


The flunctuations in blood sugar levels are perfectly normale, especially in newly diagnosed patients or in those who are doing very well in managing it, but do not know how to recognize, handle and prevent them.

As you may see, they are perfectly preventable. HOW?

  • If your brother is having low blood sugar levels in the morning, this means:

    - his dose of diabetes medication he is taking at bedtime(I do not know what it is, so cannot suggest anything) is high, therefore, he must reduce it.

    - perhaps he eats very little at dinner, so, ask him to eat a snack (fruit) before going to bed or/and his medication dose must be changed.

    - another explanation could be that his insulin is starting to work (more sensitive) than it was at the beginning when he was just diagnosed with diabetes.

    Therefore, ask his doctor to measure the insulin levels in urine, to understand what is going on.

  • He is having high blood sugar at lunch time:

    - if it is before lunch, that means he is having an abundant breakfast or/and high-calories snacks before lunch; while his medication dosage is low.

    So he can keep his drug at this dosage, but must eat low-calories meals. In addition, during this morning times, the hormones that increase blood glucose are more active that can also explain his high blood sugar levels.

    - if he is having high blood sugar after lunch time, then his lunch menu was also abundant (high calories); so he must choose other light diabetic menus.

    In either cases, he must talk to his doctor as he/she knows his medical history better than I do. My advices are only a guide for your brother in finding the right solutions (his doctor will decide the best solution for him).

    Before going to the doctor, ask your brother to record his blood sugar levels in a log sheet or chart anytime he measures them, and show it to his doctor to make it easier to find the best solution for your brother.

    All the best!


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