TSH level is 0.10 and in that day my glucose is 112

by Arti

QUESTION: Hello sir,

My TSH level is 0.10 and on the day when got my results. My fasting glucose is 112(I had milk and serial before this test).

I have Hashimoto's disease and it keeps my thyroid
Fluctuating since 2 years!! I have never had fasting glucose above 90.

Is it possible bcoz of my thyroid disease and I had Milk serial before this test causes this glucose Level to 112??

Please help me!!

ANSWER: Hi Arti,

In purpose to remind you, I will mention that Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition, which is characterized with the destruction of the thyroid cells.

Generally, this destruction causes reduced secretion of the thyroid hormones. However, there are periods of elevated secretion of the thyroid hormones.

You have to know that changes in the thyroid secretion are leading to changes in the blood glucose concentration, because the thyroid hormones are diffing the speed of the metabolic processes.

For example, when the secretion of the thyroid hormones is elevated, the blood glucose concentration in your organism is going to be low.

Increased thyroid secretion causes acceleration of the metabolic process, which is characterized by the usage of more glucose - low blood glucose concentration in the organism.

When the thyroid secretion is reduced, the metabolic processes are slow and this leads to accumulation of substrates in the organism. This accumulation is characterized with blood glucose elevation.

Regarding your blood glucose level of 112 mg/dl, there are two explanations.

1. The first and the most probable is the consumption of milk and cereal. This combination contains a lot of sugar, which leads to elevation of your blood glucose concentration.

Because of the milk and the cereal, this test has been transformed from fasting to post-prandial type.

Keep in mind that the normal post-prandial blood glucose is under 120mg/dl, like in your case. So, my advice for you is to repeat the test and try to make it a real fasting test, and not post-prandial this time.

Before the fasting blood glucose test you are allowed to drink only water, nothing else.

2. The second explanation of this blood glucose results is the development of diabetes type 1. However, the result of yours is not that high, which means that you don’t have it.

In addition, you haven’t mentioned about symptoms like drinking a lot, urinating a lot and eating several times a day, which are the early diabetes symptoms.

If the result of the second fasting blood glucose test is a little bit high and if you notice some of the mentioned symptoms above, you have to make a consultation with doctor about this.

However, I’m quite sure that everything is going to be ok and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Hope it helped! All the best!


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