Prepare Bitter Melon for Diabetes (scientific research included)

How to cook a simple bitter melon recipe?
What benefits can diabetics take from its use?
Does it really help in lowering blood sugar levels?
Some Simple Facts of Bitter Melon Benefits for Diabetes

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Before going through the great benefits of bitter melon for diabetes, I would recommend to make it part of your daily dishes.

I know that its flavor is very bitter, especially for the ripe fruit, but you can try various types of cooking it.

Drinking bitter melon juice in an empty stomach has shown to have better benefits.

Or what you can do is to boil its fruits or leaves and have tea.

Or maybe you can try its seeds dry powder to the dishes you have. 

Simple recipe of cooking bitter melon as following:

favorite bitter melon fruit

Step no. 1:

Take your favorite bitter melon fruit. They come to various types: small, bigger, slimmy, fatty, etc.

I have seen that in South-East Asia, they prefer mostly small and near-slimmy bitter gourd fruits like the one shown on the right.

remove the internal seeds

Step no.2:

Cut them, and remove the internal seeds. I have tried them, they are really bitter. 

cut bitter melon

Step no. 3:

Cut them in small pieces.

fry bitter gourd

Step no. 4:

Then you can cook:

I have seen that in South-Asia, they usually fry bitter gourd as shown in the picture on the right.

Unfortunately, although bitter melon would come better in taste, it would not be a healthy-cooked food.

The best choice could be steaming or boiling or just prepare some bitter melon salads mixed with other fruits or vegetables.

At the end, "Buon appetite!". I have tasted, and looks really bitter.

I admit I do not eat it randomly, but when in my staying in South-East Asia, I have tasted several times, especially steamed, and sparkled with lemon juice and mixed with white salad:))

Some Simple Facts of Bitter Melon Benefits for Diabetes

Now, as it is very important to get knowledge, let's learn some of the benefits that diabetics can get from using bitter melon.

bitter melon for diabetes

Here I’m trying to tell you what can bitter melon do to help you beat diabetes through realistic scientific researches as for other natural cures for diabetes.

  • Another name for bitter melon is the scientific name of Momordica charantia. However, it comes also with other names like: Bitter Gourd and Karela.

Bitter Melon Produces Sweet Results For Diabetes

  • It grows in tropical areas such as: Asia, Africa, South America and Caribbean. People of these regions have always used bitter melon for various purposes.

So, Chinese sometimes use it as an ingredient in stir fries, soups and teas. While, in Pakistan and India, it’s prepared with potatoes and served with yogurt. Or they sparkle it with spices and fry in oil.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, they know melon as ampalaya and serve it in several dishes. Also, they use shoots and leaves for salad greens.

On the other hand, in the Philippines, bitter melon tea is used for controlling blood sugar levels and diabetes, especially among the poor.

Ayurvedic is the Indian system of medicine. Since 1000 BC until today, it has been always focused on mind, body and spirit rather than the body alone in the treatment of all kinds of disease.

Thus, for treating diabetes and its complications, they include bitter melon and considered it as plant insulin.

What bitter melon can do for your diabetes? 

bitter melon diabetes recipe

  • The first component is called charantin, which consists of several steroids. It has been shown more effective than tolbutamide in lowering high blood sugar levels in some clinical studies.
  • It also contains polypeptide-p, a hypoglycemic peptide in its fruit, seeds and tissue. Researchers have found it very effective when administered subcutaneously, for both type 1 and 2 diabetics. This peptide is very similar to insulin, and can act like insulin.
  • The fruit juice of bitter melon can improve you blood sugar tolerance in type2 diabetics due to its ingredients, oleanolic acid glucosides.
  •  Also, these components can intensify the insulin production from the pancreas, due to the raise in beta cells (responsible for insulin production).
  • It can lower your sugar blood levels, avoiding the onset of diabetes complications. An additional positive effect of bitter melon is the lowering of total cholesterol. Due to its anti-oxidant activity, it protects your kidneys and other organs from damages.
  • In addition, it stimulates the amino acids uptake into muscles, and gives great improvements to your energy levels and your appetite.
  • As you may see, the bitter gourd components altogether can help lowering your high blood sugar levels, leading to a well – controlled diabetes.
  • If you have type 2 diabetes, your body can still produce insulin, but cannot use it properly. Bitter melon tries not to accumulate too much sugar in your blood stream and helps your body cells to use it correctly.
  • The second way is by increasing the insulin production, thus lowering blood glucose.
  • At last, but not at least, I want to remind you other components you may find in bitter gourd, such as zinc, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and poly-unsaturated fatty acids.It has anti-oxidant activity and as a consequence protects your kidneys and other organs from damages. Overall it can prevent diabetes complications onset.
  • On the other hand, it can lower the total cholesterol, reducing more and more the risk for heart disease.So, not only you can have benefits of bitter melon in diabetes treatment, but also in your overall well-being and other diseases too.
  • Next, scientists claim:

bitter melon can favorably impact the aging process.

  • What is more, bitter melon is rich in iron, very important to your health. And it contains some components that have good impact on AIDS virus and psoriasis and those with autoimmune diseases too.

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