Stress and diabetes – how to get rid of this killing link

I know that most of the time is very difficult to deal with stress, and you might riled up with it, especially when you are a diabetic.

stress and diabetes causes

Never surrender. You are stronger than you seem.

There are two contradictory aspects of stress. The first one is what is called “good” aspect of it. Because your body needs stress to cope with all “unusual” situations it may face. It’s more like “fight-to-fight” or “face-to-face” situation.

On the other part, when you have diabetes, and stress situations come, you may have severe problems. The increase of blood sugar levels during stress is need to face the new situation and you body to be alert.

Meanwhile, this higher blood sugar levels worsen your diabetes situation. If you have type1 diabetes, maybe you may face increase and decrease in blood sugar. But if you have type2 diabetes, most probably your blood sugar will increase.

Your body is not able to adapt to stress, because its insulin o is not working properly or there is a lack of it.

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Maybe there are so many people giving you advices on how to react in different situations’ of life, such as grief, anxiety resulting from exams, worry, loss of a joy, death of a close relative, business failure, strained marital relationship.

Take their advices. The entire above situation can have a deep influence on your metabolism and may cause blood sugar to rise and maybe sugar itself may appear in your urine.

So, when you hear that stress might be one of the worst enemies of your body, you must understand why. This is because if don’t manage stressful situations, instead of good, stress can give you problems.

Stress can take control of your body and every single metabolic function will be altered.

Then you may face other problems rather than diabetes, such as heart disease, stroke, and maybe sudden death too. In this case it is really dangerous! Go and take control of it! Don’t let it control you! You are stronger than every bad habit, even stress!


This was found in one study on stress conducted on 10,000 government workers, men and women aged 35-55 years. The more a person was stressed out due to work, the more he or she was at a risk of developing metabolic problems, including diabetes.

How to get rid of stress - Useful tips for diabetics

• During your work, try to take some break and move around office

• If you take a drink, always choose water to coffee and soda

• Try some stretching exercises, they help you moving your muscles and give you a relax.

• Don’t bring office work at home. You need to be relaxed. Take some vacations too.

• Try to carry out relaxation and deep breathing exercises to get relief from stress.

• Don’t talk about work, business at social gatherings. Enjoy the time and get relaxed.

Maybe your new situation with having diabetes makes you become more anxious, nervous, and tense raising up your stress levels. Try to realize that you are not the only one to suffer from diabetes.

With some lifestyle changes, and the best diabetes diet plan, you can succeed.

Maybe you may need some other natural ways to beat your diabetes. Try these natural ways and get rid of both of them.

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