How To Treat Diabetes Naturally?

How far lifestyle changes can help you to treat diabetes naturally?  What is the right dietary strategy recommended for diabetics?  
Do the clinically proven supplements really work to help you in controlling blood sugar without any side effects?

beat diabetes naturally

As you probably know, the statistics indicate that many people around the world are at risk to develop diabetes. Some have a higher risk than others; but, in the end, each of us do carry this risk.

The first thing doctors do when someone is newly diagnosed with diabetes; is to prescribe some lowering blood sugar drugs. I do not deny their role in treating diabetes; however, why don't we try other alternatives?

Here, I am not talking about extreme cases where treating diabetes through pills is crucial in saving one's life. I am only talking about those newly-diagnosed diabetics who can save their lives without risking too much.

To my experience, I am a skeptic in choosing drugs as the very first line of treatment unless I see that my patient is not very strong-willing to continue his battle against diabetes through some natural and simple steps.

Those simple steps include three basic categories:

  1. Lifestyle changes
  2. Dietary strategy
  3. Natural supplements

In the following paragraphs, I have tried to describe in detail various ways to Lifestyle changes to stabilize your diabetes and keep it at a healthy standard.

First way how to beat Diabetes naturally

Lifestyle changes

Many advice is given to you to change lifestyle habits. But you have made a habit of it. And it is really difficult to change habits. Anyway, if you decide to change, that is your first step towards the changes themselves.

Weight management

It can be a reality keeping your body in permanent movement and exercise. Exercise is a physical activity and it can improve insulin sensitivity in both normal and insulin-resistant people. That's why diabetes and exercise link is very important in your battle of lowering high blood sugar levels.

Only a regular exercise which included a wide variety of skeletal group of muscles affect favorably glucose transport and metabolism and causes positive changes in lipid metabolism and regulation of hepatic glucose output.

Just 15 minutes aerobic exercise regime and also swimming, walking or strength training could increase the insulin sensitivity for 16 next hours of your day and also the metabolic rate.

If you are taking insulin, most probably you will face weight gain . You should be prepared and take the right precautions. That's why we do encourage diabetics to put the body in movement to prevent this extra accumulation of weight.

Stress reduction

Stress reduction techniques also help to control the effects of diabetes. It is known that stress affects diabetes directly.

During stress, several energy-mobilization hormones are being released. In this way glucose is transported into the bloodstream and the result is the increase of sugar blood level, which threatens the diabetic health.

Some simple stress reduction techniques, such as deep breathing and relax help to get rid of diabetes and stress killing links.

Smoking Cessation

There are many ingredients in cigarette smoke that are very poisonous for your body.

If you have diabetes, your heart will be damaged more rather than when  you don't have diabetes. This is because the high blood sugar levels and smoke help developing atherosclerosis, which hardens the blood vessels and makes it difficult for the blood to circulate inside the bloodstream.

If you are a diabetic, also you have high blood pressure. Combining to smoke, you can easily have a stroke which can burden more your health.

At least, smoking and diabetes combination leads more easily to diabetes complications.

 Alcohol drinking

The absorption process of alcohol into the bloodstream is done very quickly, within ninety minutes blood alcohol strikes the peak.

If you’re diabetic and are taking medications, most probably you may suffer from a quick reduction in blood sugar. What’s going on then? Very serious health complications, including severe hypoglycemic coma. 

The second way how to beat diabetes naturally

Dietary Strategy

Choosing the best diabetes diet as part of your dietary strategy, and the right food to eat, can help yourself lower diabetes risk and improve blood-sugar control.

Watch your diet and food.

There are some foods to avoid and some other to limit while you are diabetic. You should care about the food you take, and how they affect your diabetes. You can try to diabetes foods that lower sugar blood levels and help you beat diabetes naturally.

Maintain a diet that contains more raw vegetables, more than 5 fruits a day and plenty of water to drink. Very recommended seems to add more soluble fiber food such as bread, cereal, and starchy vegetables, in your diet, because fibers help moving food out the intestinal tract in order not to stay there and putrefy.

On the other part, fiber contains chromium which is very important to control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Also, very beneficial are buttermilk and yogurt in your diet. It is advised the in taken of lowering diabetes foods such as onion, garlic, cucumber, lettuce, string beans, carrot, leaves, tomato, spinach, and colorful vegetables.

Third and last way how to beat diabetes naturally

This third way is about the clinically proven supplements to help you beat diabetes. We are not at that time when following the advice of one friend or ancient can take us away from drug side effects and help to beat diabetes naturally. Only solid scientific proofs back up the claim on how to beat diabetes naturally.

It's true that there are many dietary supplements. But, do you really know if you are receiving the benefits that you expect?

What you need to have is only a few minutes on educating and enlightening yourself on various supplements available to make the right decision. 

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