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by elias

QUESTION: Well I started with taking metformin and glybrite something like that and the stuff i was taking was taking me way under the normal level of sugar that a normal person should be at and i decided to take matters into my own hands and i lost 30 pds and watched what i was eating and tested myself for a month and every morning was 87-112 max.

But when I test before bed 100 i wake up 112 is that normal? And when will my old habbits of being high level be back to normal?

As in my blood test i was over 9.0 level, when will they know if my levels are back to normal?

ANSWER: Hi there,

As I can see from your medical data, you are doing great. Please let me remind you that the normal blood glucose level is between 64.8-104.4 mg/dl. However, slight deviations are allowed, like in your case- 112mg/dl.

Besides this, it is normal for someone to have elevated morning blood glucose result, because when the organism wakes up, it requires energy provided by the glucose.

Anyway, just go ahead with the good changes you mentioned above as they will help you keep your blood glucose within the normal ranges.

  • I take the opportunity to advise you about using certain herbs, along with the diet, because they are proven to help in better control of your blood glucose ranges.

    For example, herbs like Gymnema Sylvestre, Biter Melon or Cinnamon are considered as the most effective herbs on the market. It is not
    difficult to use them, because you can find them in the form of capsules in drugstore. Just follow the instructions written in their pamphlet.

  • Other thing, which is important in your case, is that drugs are prescribed only at patients with diabetes, not at pre-diabetic patients.

    Metformin is a drug, which stimulates the production of insulin and it reduces the production of endogenous glucose as well.

    This drug is very effective and it is the first chose for treatment in patients with diabetes.

    With regards to Glyburide, it is the trade name of Glibenclamide, a sulfonylurea hypoglycemiant drug. It can inhibit ATP-sensitive potassium channels in the beta cells of pancreas, stimulating insulin release.

    That is why one should use it at least 30 minutes before meal, in order for insulin to reach peak when you eat; and subsequently, keeping the blood sugar within normal levels, not allowing to get higher.

  • With regards to your concern if everything will go back to normal again, I would say that no one is able to tell you anything for sure.

    If you go on with following the right diabetic diet, exercise, usage of herbs and stop drinking alcohol and smoking, all these good habits will help achieve the normality again.

    Hope it helped!


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