Galega Officinalis (Goats Rue) for diabetics?

Galega Officinalis

Galega Officinalis

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QUESTION: What can galeka officinalis aka goats rue do for diabetics? It is also called as French Lilac. Can it really help and how?

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ANSWER: Hi there,

It is true that galega officinalis (not galeka:) is also known as French lilac or alias Goat's Rue. Some other common names include Spaninsh sanfoin, Italina fitch, Professor-weed or false indigo.

Attention is recalled to not mistake galega officinalis with Ruta graveolens (commonly known as rue).

The main benefits of goat's rue are:

- improving the function of the

--pancreas and/or
--adrenal gland;
--digestive tract
--breast milk flow

- liver-protector

- blood purifying tonic.

The most important ingredient of Galega officinalis is a metformin-like substance called "galegine".

Although many studies have been carried out in rabbits to determine the ability of galegine to lower blood sugar; however, none has fully determined the exact effect in humans and related side effects.

"If you are on Metformin treatment; DO NOT use Goats Rue, because of the risk for getting overdose.

I have to inform you that the Metformin “poisoning” has several quite unpleasant symptoms like - very low blood glucose level, vomiting, pain in the stomach, nausea, fast and/or irregular hearth beat and others.

Moreover, as Galega officinalis could interfere with hypoglycemiant's effect, please consult with your doctor before starting to use it.

Hope it helped!


COMMENT: Tallis mortalic

Galega Officinalis aka Goats Rue or French Lilac has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It helps control blood sugar through suppressing glucose production by the liver. It also helps to lower LDL "Bad Cholesteol" levels. It is the origin plant for the antidiabetic drug Glucophage or Metformin.

Tallis Mortalic


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