Constant low blood sugar episodes despite doing all the right things

Hi, I am a 45 year old female and I am overweight. Although I have already lost about 22 lbs., I still struggle with hypoglycemia despite doing all the following:

1) exercise 4-5 days/week (high intensity interval, and weight training)

2) eat only complex carbs, adequate protein with extra protein shakes

3) only fat intake is essential fats and olive oil - no refined oils/fats

4) Don't eat any refined white sugar and extremely limit all other forms of sugar i.e. honey, cane sugar (eat very rare).

5) Lots of veggies and 2 fruits/day

6) 2 tbsp oat bran fibre each day

7) Eating small meals/snacks 6-7x/day.

8) I am supporting the thyroid gland, the adrenals, and cleansing the bowels and liver.

Despite doing all these things, I still get symptoms of low blood sugar if I don't eat every 3 hours. Many times I feel the symptoms right after I eat dinner and need to eat again!

Can you please offer any insight into this?



Congratulation, first for your healthy lifestyle and eating. Regarding
your constant low blood sugar episodes, has your doctor told you the
causes of hypoglycemia? Let me enlighten a bit:

possible causes to hypoglycemia include:

1. Causes related to too much insulin production:
a. post-prandial hypoglycemia
b. some rare tumors of pancreas (insulinoma;
nesidioblastosis-enlargement of beta cells) or tumors that release
insulin-like substances.
c. alcoholism
d. some critical diseases of liver (severe hepatitis).
e. some medications (hypoglycemiants or quinine).

2. Causes related to inhibition of gluconeogenesis:
a. anorexia nervosa (a condition in which your body is starving and
cannot access gluconeogenesis).
b. some endocrine disorders including pituitary gland and adrenal
gland, which are responsible to optimize the production (synthesis) of

a. your endocrine system (do some test).
b. do a ultrasound of abdomen (to see liver, pancreas, ovaries and
other genital area).
c. ask your doctor if there is something related to your pre-menopausal
d. what kind of products (supplements or herbs) you are using to
cleanse and maintain your kidney,etc? (perhaps there is some substance
or herb that causes frequent episodes of low blood sugar levels).
e. when do you have these episodes: are they related to pre-menstrual
period? Are you have heartburn?

Be careful:
a. eat small portions of food but more often.
b. go on with;healthy eating habits.

Good luck! Hope it was helpful.

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