Glucosamine side effects on your health

glucosamine side effects

If my diabetic parents take it, what glucosamine side effects should I recommend them to be aware of.

This was the question I was asking when I first heard about glucosamine and what can it do for osteoarthritis.

I was reading and kept myself updated on the possible glucosamine side effects through scientific researches done. Now I can have a relaxed breathe. All these scientific studies have assured me for the high safety of glucosamine supplements.

So, I’ve been collecting a lot of materials for the possible glucosamine side effects. I wanted my parents to be safe while start using it.

First of all I wanted to be secure that no allergic reaction could happen to my parents. Glucosamine contained in these supplements is derived from a substance called chitin found in crustacean shells.

I was tranquilized that my parents weren’t allergic to seafood, shrimp, and lobster, so from this point of view they could start using it.

To avoid any possible allergic reaction that could start during glucosamine intake, I looked for the products with highly refined and purified ingredients.

In this way my parents could take a high quality supplement and I could stay tranquilized too.

Next, I got information on possible glucosamine side effects on my parents blood glucose levels. There were lots of studies on this topic.

Some of them discussed the possible affect of glucosamine intake in increasing blood sugar levels. Some others didn’t find any related affection on sugar blood level by its intake.

I continued keeping myself updated on the latest study to be sure glucosamine intake will not worsen my diabetic parents’ situation.

At least I found out that, although glucosamine is made of sugar components, they cannot break easily into glucose. Thus, its intake would not affect blood sugar levels.

I’ve found out from some studies that glucosamine could affect insulin resistance and its metabolic circle. And this probably could lead to higher blood sugar levels.

But I was assured that many factors can affect diabetics’ blood sugar levels. For sure glucosamine intake would not do such. So, I tranquilized myself on this too.

Anyway, I warned my parents that, maybe they could face some digestive problems, such as heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, or nausea. I recommended them to take glucosamine during meals to avoid all these problems.

One strong point that pushed me to recommend my diabetic parents to take glucosamine for their osteoarthritis pains was the fact that no toxic NSAIDs side effects they could face. They need a long-term therapy for their osteoarthritis.

Now with glucosamine supplements their osteoarthritis pains are diminishing. Also they don’t risk having ulcer, strokes, heart attacks, or any liver damages they could have with NSAIDs therapy.

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