Concerns of GI Weight Loss

What's behind GI Weight loss link?  How far GI can influence in your attempts to lose weight?

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It has been shown that glycemic index (GI) plays an important part not only for your blood sugar levels, but also if you need to lose weight and everything that has to deal with weight loss.

Your doctor for sure will advise the low glycemic index foods and diet to follow as a diabetic. And nowdays, nutritionists are trying to educate diabetics and people in general around the GI index concept.

What is more, Low GI foods will make you feel full for a long time. As a consequence you will eat less and of course will lose weight. And of course, with glycemic index it would be easy for you as a diabetic to choose your foods correctly.

Here you may see the beauty of a low GI Weight Loss link. If you follow a diet low in GI foods, you will have a variety of nutrients you need with a “cost” of losing weight.

What's behind a low Glycemic Index Weight Loss link?

Now, let's go deep in a low glycemic index diet and see how it helps losing the excessive weight. The main food a low GI diet plan is composed of is Fiber intake.

It has been shown from studies that Low GI Diets are very effective in optimizing the control of sugar in people with impaired glucose metabolism and in diabetics. Fiber intake has also help these category of people losing the excessive weight providing the lowest energy intake to the body. So, the body weight is still improved.

However, no good evidence has been shown according the use of GI Diets in healthy people who do not aim to lose weight.

Although the good impact of low GI diabetic eating plan in losing weight, scientists still argue on this topic and remain skeptic.

GI Weight Loss – the pros and cons

Those scientists who support the Low GI Diet and Foods, argue that low glycemic index diabetic eating plan can improve the utilization of fats and, at the same time promote satiety, the feeling of being full.

On the other hand, it's difficult realizing the true and complex effect of a Low GI Eating Plan on losing weight. There are some other factors which influence the interpretation of many studies, and represent the real barriers that can affect studies outcome. These factors include: health status of the subjects, their demographics, methodological differences between studies, and duration of investigation.

At the end, the glycemic index has been practiced for various purpose, from keeping the right performance till improving the glucose control. The GI Weight Loss Links ends up with feeling more active, eating less, planning a healthy diet rich in whole grains and other fiber (fruits and vegetables). Enjoy it!

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