Diabetic Impotence

Diabetes brings forth various challenges, and among them, impotence stands out as one of the most distressing complications. Regrettably, this condition can deprive individuals of their ability to achieve satisfactory sexual performance, adding to the burdens that diabetes already imposes.

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diabetes impotence

The general statistic shows that above 70% of the men will suffer from impotence. The period for developing the impotence is different and it ranges from 15 to 20 years.

There are a lot of theories going on but two of them have been medically proven. Also, they explain the complications that are related to erectile dysfunction. They explain why people suffering from this will get better with the proper treatment.

The two theories for development of impotence in diabetes include:

    1. Microangiopathy. This is very common about diabetes and that’s why not only the blood vessels in the penis are damaged but the blood vessels in many other organs, too.

    Diabetes damages the blood vessels in the penis, preventing them to fill with blood when the person is aroused. This prevents erection, leaving the penis in his normal condition.

    Erection is a term used to describe the enlargement of the penis because of increased blood flow towards it. However, if there is no blood flow, erection will not be possible.

    2. The second theory that has even more supporters is the theory of the autonomic neuropathy. Erection is a process which is not carried out by the brain but the nerves that are part of the autonomic nervous systems.

    Diabetes damages the autonomic nervous system and that’s why the control of erection is lost. Impotence in diabetics is a result of lost nervous control of the nerves that are responsible for the erection.

    That’s why erectile problems do not come alone but they come with all the problems that are associated with autonomic neuropathy. This is a strong support for this theory.

The symptoms of impotence in diabetics are common. You are not able to get an erection even if you feel that you are aroused. This could be accompanied by tachycardia (increased heart rate) or bradycardia (decreased heart rate) and/or sweating.

Furthermore, the people with erectile dysfunction could have lost their sensitivity over the penis. This contributes to the erectile dysfunction.

There are lots of medicaments that could help better the condition but they will not cure the patients. Peripheral vasodilators, which will better the blood circulation in your penis, are a weapon of first choice when the person has erectile dysfunction.

In addition, medicaments like Viagra could become useful but they have some pretty nasty side effects and because of that they are not recommended to be used for long period of time.

Penis implants and injection could better your condition for longer period of time without many side effects.

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