Cold Laser Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

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Today I wanted to share the history of one of my patients who is interested to go for cold laser treatment. Have his story as following:

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"He was at his 58s, and was diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy five months back. He has not a family history of diabetes.

The current problems he is facing include constant pain in his toes that started before being diagnosed with diabetes. Currently, he is reporting to have his blood sugar level under control (within 95 – 130 range).

As there is a lot of information in the net, he has come to know about cold laser treatment as a solution to his pain problems. “How long does the treatment take? What are the facilities and cost of such treatment?” These are his main concerns."

Let me go step by step. The majority of you might know most of the information I will be providing next. However, “repetition is the mother of knowledge”, repeating some “common” information will help improve current health condition.

Diabetic Neuropathy Diagnosis

As you might probably know, diabetes is a chronic condition, persisting up to 10 years prior to appearance of symptoms. Persisting high blood sugar levels (uncontrolled diabetes) is associated with many complications, including neuropathy (nerve damages).

Symptoms of Neuropathy

The most important symptoms of neuropathy include:

-          Pain

-          Numbness

-          Not able to perceive hot/cold

-          Loss of superficial reflexes

Tests to Diagnose Diabetes & Neuropathy

With regards to tests that you should know about diagnosing neuropathy, they include:

-          Clinical examination

-          Electromyography (EMG)

-          Nerve conduction velocity studies

Cold Laser & other Treatments for Diabetic Neuropathy

Now, coming to the treatment, the most important thing is to keep blood sugar levels under control. In the case of this patient, he is reporting that for the moment his blood sugar is under control.

But, we cannot say the same for his blood glucose before being diagnosed with diabetes. A persistent and uncontrolled high blood sugar level has led to neuropathy associated with unbearable, unmanageable pain.

Besides the standard therapy for managing pain, researchers are studying other alternatives, including low laser therapy. It is a noninvasive procedure which has not reported side effects yet, and used in cases with small fiber neuropathy.

As it is an innovative therapeutic procedure, its cost is foreseen to be high, however, nothing is given for sure. As this procedure should be approved first for its benefits, then, a more accurate cost will be calculated.

You should always consult with neurologist if such therapy might get you benefits. Remember, it is crucial to keep blood sugar under control.

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