How Much Do You Have to Pay to Treat Diabetes and its Complications?

Today, I was listening to a medical report online where the scientists have studied the economics of Diabetes and arguing over the real cost of treating diabetes and the associated complications.

There are many challenges that    diabetics and the medical team should face while combating against diabetes and high blood sugar problems.

As diabetes is pandemic, there are many other cases who are undiagnosed yet for many reasons. Furthermore, obesity is not to be left behind together with aging population.

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When something bad happens in our life, especially when it is related to our health, we do not think about our pocket, but we start spending everything we have to become healthy again.

The following question arises:

Can it really work to bring the health you once had?

When it comes to diabetes, as for any other disease, the very first thing you would do is to spend money for the right diagnosis: visits to your health-care provider, lab tests, visits to specialists, etc. 

If you would be a lucky health insurance payer, you won't have to spend anything. However, if you would be that lucky, you will pay enough to get the right diagnosis and urge "MIRACLE" from your doctor. 

The medical institutions have to pay for the services they are providing to you. In fact, in a "Payer perspective" European study, it was estimated that treating outpatients with diabetes would cost to the national health service a total of up to 370 pounds annually. 

If the patient would have complications, then, the cost would rise up to 2500 pounds.

In addition, the total cost of treating diabetics in the UK health centers including the drugs, inpatients, outpatients and/or other services is estimated to be up to 14.000 billion pounds per year as shown in the table below 

Meanwhile, France reports a total financial burden of higher than 12 billion euros to treat diabetics yearly.

Remember that these are all money payed by your pocket (insurance or not); you are going to pay that. 

On the other hand, let's talk about the cost of preventing diabetes. Now, here I am not talking about your genes or anything else that does not depend on you to cause diabetes. 

I am talking about those simple things that you are used to do everyday without thinking over. For example, if you were to exercise, that would be totally "FREE". You would burn the extra fat you might have or spend the calories you ate during the last meal. 

Next, if you would decide to drink only water, that would be much more cheaper as compared to the juices you buy at the market. Furthermore, if you like juice, you can prepare your own, fresh and healthy at home. 

I might understand that most of you would say: "Yeah, really fresh, but who has the time to self-do it if I have to rush at work?"

The market is full of natural and healthy choices you can have. But, my problem is: "Who is going to look for them and grab them?"

Life is not that simple, but, the difficulties can be overcome with patience and determination. The same patience and determination is required to prevent, treat, and/or cure diabetes. But, you have to find "HOW". 

Learning about yourself and everything surrounds you is not an utopia. To me, it is an "elegant way" to face every problem. 

Thank you for the patience you had to read this article. Hope it would make you think. 

Written by                                                                                                        Medically reviewed

Dr.Albana Sejdini                                                                                              Dr.Ruden Cakoni


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