Is there any cure for diabetes mellitus?

Once you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you run up and down asking about the cure for diabetes mellitus. Does it really exist? And if it really exists, how to get it?

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Again I’m advising you to relax. No good thing comes with anxiety. There is always a remedy for everything in this life. The same is for you diabetes mellitus.

There have been made many attempts to find the cure for diabetes mellitus. But until now, no clear conclusion has been achieved. There is still a long way to pass.

This is nothing to discourage you. After knowing what exactly the cure for diabetes mellitus might be, you will see more clearly and give more courage to yourself. You are the only one that can do something for yourself.

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The only thing clearly concluded is what you can do for diabetes:

• How to prevent diabetes onset

• Once it is set up, how to cure it

• After long treatment, how to prevent diabetes complications.

The key point is the prevention of diabetes onset. A good information on early symptoms for diabetes, and knowing that you belong to a high-risk population, can probably help you in diabetes prevention.

Anyway, once it is set up, there are many alternatives given to you about the cure for diabetes mellitus. For both major types of diabetes (type1 and 2) have been made some attempts to cure them.

But still curing type1 diabetes remains a holistic challenge for the researches.

If your diabetes, after the adequate treatment made, and after all remedies you has tried, has no positive result in improvement. Then, what your physician will advice to you during consultation is one the following options:

• O pancreas transplantation

• O islet cell transplantation (islet cells produce insulin)

• O artificial means for pancreas development

• O genetic manipulation of cells. They will use your fat or muscle cells that contain a gene to produce insulin. They can manipulate them and use as pseudo-islet cells and incorporate in your body.

These are the alternatives given to you. Some of them are still at the experimental stage, but can be use. There is another medallion part hiding after them. The big challenges which come along with all life big problems.

Each kind of transplantation is accompanied with many treatments given to you to suppress your immune system by rejecting the cells transplanted. Other challenge comes with the concern how to find the adequate numbers of insulin cells, and how to keep these cells alive.

A suppressed immune system always comes with many complications. The transplantation itself has complications too. But this is nothing to discourage you. The progresses done in all areas until now, will find the right solutions in the nearest future.

Until that time comes, why not to trust to natural ways for the cure for diabetes mellitus. They have no side effects. They can help you beating your diabetes. And if you have type1 diabetes, you can benefit for them too.

The best cure for your type2 diabetes is big changes in your lifestyle, exercise, bad habits cessation, a good diabetic diet plan. Why not to try natural remedies for your diabetes. They can help you to cure it too without any side effects.

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Remember: always try to have a balanced lifestyle, diet, and work hard to beat your diabetes. Try to use properly all the information given to you and go ahead beating your diabetes.

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