Diabetes home testing tips

What testing can a diabetic perform at home? Why do I need them? How can I do the test myself? Get all the answers here.

what tests to perform at home
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Most of the time, you need to do the tests at home, by your own. Your doctor will give you advices and tell the time when to measure your blood sugar. This is will give you a hand in controlling your blood sugar.

What tests to perform at home?

Blood glucose test – measures how much sugar is in your blood. That will give you an idea on how well you’re controlling your diabetes. You may perform the tests before meals and at bedtime. Always be in touch with your physician what time is more suitable to you.

You can use any of the glucose meters available. If you need to get an easy to use glucose meter to perform your blood glucose test, click here to see your options.

Urine test - searches for ketones in your urine. This is a test performed when your blood sugar levels are too high. There exist meters to perform this test which are easy to use.

Why do I need to run this tests?

The blood glucose test gives you an idea on how well you’re managing your diabetes. If your blood glucose is too high or too low, you may need some changes in your diet strategy, lifestyle habits and the medicines you’re taking. Always be in contact with your physician for the right choices.

The urine test for ketones, usually you may perform if your blood sugar are higher than 250 mg/dl or you may feel ill.

How can I run the tests at home?

For the blood glucose test, you just need to puncture your finger with a lancet or a small needle. Then you put a drop of blood on test strip which is connected to a glucose meter to show your blood sugar figures.

For the urine test you must dip your test strip into your urine and wait until it changes its color. Then you must compare the color with a chart showing the level of ketones in your urine.

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