Type 2 Diabetes and Cataracts Formation

cataract diabetes  type 2

It is a fact that diabetes can cause eye problems, especially when uncontrolled. The new facts are relating cataract with type 2 diabetes. 

For your information, cataract is also called as “cloudy lens”. Normally, the crystalline lenses of your eyes constitute the transparent and biconvex part of them.

Their role is to enhance the ability of the cornea to refract the light focusing on the retina.  Thus, a clear image is obtained.

Now, cataract is thought to be “age-related”; by passing of time, people start to see as through fogged window.  This is because the lenses have lost their transparency, their flexibility and become thicker than normally.

As there exist many risk factors for cataract development, I want to share with you how type 2 diabetes can precipitate cataract built-up.

Actually, the research I am referring to, have studies type 2 diabetics, among whom, there were patients taking statins. In both groups, statin users and nonusers, the scientists found out an increased risk of developing cataract.

At the end of the day, voice was raised in suggesting the monitoring of crystalline lenses in type 2 diabetics, especially those on statin treatment.

So, as you may see, do not be astonished with news like this. When a chronic disease like diabetes, is part of your life, be prepared of many bad consequences especially when uncontrolled.

I do not want to scary you, but to make you realize the importance of being healthy. If cataract could be as a consequence of an accidental injury or trauma or age; then, this could be considered as your fate.

This is true even in cases when you have family history of cataracts or undergoing radiation treatment or working exposed to sunlight.

However, it is a pity to hear that you were not strong enough to say a big “NO” to alcohol, smoking, or eating foods in excessiveness.

In other words, eating healthy, implementing good behavioral habits, trying to be way from “risky” factors can reduce your chances of developing cataracts and having other health problems. This will also help improve your glucose metabolism and your diabetes control too.

I do not want to repeat the same words, but all of us need “Determination, Determination, and Determination”. Electronic communication tools are helping each of us in spreading the news.

Keep in touch with latest news and continue your battle against type 2 diabetes with “Determination”.

All the best!


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