Smoking Intervention In Diabetic Patients

by Jangra


It is understood that after quitting smoking, the blood sugar normally increase and it is a fact in my case also.

Please advice and what preventive measures should be taken to control diabetes. I am almost walking for 50 minutes to one hour but I am having problem in my right knee(as I have fallen suddenly) and now I am walking only for 30-35 minutes.

Please advise how many time bitter melon (2 pcs) can be taken in a day. I am taking regularly but due to this hot season, would it be advisable to take. I am taking ayurvedic medicine like madhunashini churan also one tea spoon.

Sir, I will be grateful to you for sending me a detailed reply as I am going through your website regularly.



ANSWER: Hi Rajiv,

If you are using chewing gums for the eradication of this bad habit, you are supposed to use sugar free gums, because according to the latest studies, some of gums containing sugar are able to increase a blood glucose level. This is an unwanted effect in patients with diabetes.

  • You have to know that walking is not the only way that might help you to improve your glucose metabolism. Other light-to-aerobic exercise are also verry useful for the glucose metabolism and for the stimulation of the whole organism, including relieving your knee pain.

    In purpose to maintain your blood glucose level within the normal ranges, you have to prepare a good diabetic daily meal menu, included in a diabetic diet.

    This diet is supposed to be composed
    of 4-5 meals a day. You have to eat small amount of food during every meals in purpose to ensure your organism enough glucose, which can be easily used.

    When you are combining diet with exercises you will improve the glucose metabolism, prevent hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia and you are going to be in perfect shape without gaining weight.

  • Ayuvedic medicine is not approved by FDA, which means that the eventual side effects of this supplement are unknown. However, according to the opinion of patients who are taking it, the effect of this supplement is magnificent.

    My advice for you is to consult with your doctor about the treatment with drugs, without excluding the food supplements as Ayuvedic.

  • You have to be also aware of the fact that at some point diabetes type two may become insulin dependent. That means that the usage of drugs is unavoidable.

  • Bitter melon is considered as a natural remedy for diabetes. However, keep in mind that bitter melon is not removing diabetes as a disease; it is only helping to reduce the symptoms and provides you a better control of your diabetes.

    You can acquire bitter melon whenever you want. If the weather is hot you may drink some more water, because of the bitter taste as I do not think you can take more bitter melon than required. Therefore, drink plenty of water, follow the lifestyle and diet as you are doing right now, and hopefully you will have great results.

    Remember: You need to work hard in all aspects and not just drinking bitter melon juice and wait for miracles.

    All the best!


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