Cinnamon capsules & Diet for diabetics!

COMMENT: I have pre diabetes. well controlled by diet and exercise. When levels do go up a bit, I add 150 mg of cinnamon at night with my dinner and the numbers are generally back in the normal range the following morning.

Should I keep up with the cinnamon capsule, or only use it when the numbers go up somewhat?



I want to congratulate for your efforts to keep blood sugar level under control naturally. It is true that cinnamon can help lower blood glucose, however, you should follow all the right steps of changes (lifestyle, diet, etc.) at the same time.

Only one step will not help you much.

With regards to cinnamon capsules, yes, they will help you reduce blood glucose. You can use them all the time without forgetting other steps of lowering blood glucose.

All the best!


COMMENT: Can we have sweets in between? Is it OK? I am fed up with my diets. Never full, out of all festivities like Diwali when celebrations mean lots of yummy sweets. The quality of life is never the same.


I understand that the quality of life is not the same while being a diabetic. Furthermore, I also understand the huge efforts diabetics need to do in order to control their diabetes.

When it comes to sweets, they are really unresistant, not only for diabetics, but also for the healthy people.

As diabetics are denied not to eat sweets, they are also allowed to eat once a time (e.g. during the celebration of Diwali).

Therefore, you can eat sweets (but not too much); and the consecutive days you need to make all the efforts to send your blood sugar back to normal levels again.

In addition, it would be a lovely idea if there are diabetic sweets in these festivities. In other words, the organizers could also prepare diabetic foods to make diabetics enjoy the festivities.

Hope it helped!


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