Diabetic Exercise Intolerance & Vision Loss?

QUESTION: What happens when someon has exercise intolerance in diabetes and vision loss? Can continue exercising or stop? What other care measures should take?


  • When you have exercises intolerance and vision loss, then it means that you have high level of blood sugar.

    You will become able to do exercises
    again only after you go to your doctor for changing the dose of your diabetic drugs.

    When your therapy is not correct, then your muscles are not able to take the glucose from your blood, and use it for energy.

    Consequently, when you don’t have enough energy for doing exercises, you become pretty tired and lazy. After your doctor corrects your therapy, you will become full of energy, and able to do your exercises whenever you want.

  • On the other hand, it is also important to run some checking-test for your vision. Sometimes, diabetics experience fluctuating vision (this is doctor's talk).

    This is because the lens of your eye becomes more sensitive to the changes of the glucose levels in your blood. When your blood glucose is raised, your vision will be gradely vanishing. When your blood sugar becomes normal again, then, your vision will be normalized too.

  • Once the correct therapy is set, and you are also following the natural lifestyle and dietary
    changes, then your general physical condition will be improved too. The same happens to your "fluctuating vision" that will be back to normal again.

    Therefore, at this time, you can go on with your exercises as you have the recommendations and permission from your physician. I can only give general advices as I do not have much detail from your medical records.

    All the best!


    COMMENT: I have been reading the New Atkins Diet book and they say it can help with diabetes.

    I bet Atkins diet can help
    by: Anonymous

    : Hi Steve,

    There are many contradictory statements regarding Atkins diet. Although the criticism, it has helped many diabetics in their fight against high blood sugar levels.

    There exist many diets for diabetics; however, none can be taken for sure as long as your healthcare provider is ok with it. Sometimes, when we want to do something good, we finish not only ruin it, but creating more confusion.

    Any diabetic has the right to choose the diet he/she feels more suitable; however, close contact and advice with the doctor should be provided.

    All the best!


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