Can Fasting Sugar of 200 Be Controlled through Diet?

by Ashutosh

QUESTION: My blood sugar fasting is 200. Can it be controlled through diet???

ANSWER: Hi Ashutosh,

As you might probably know, your blood glucose is around twice higher than normal. Please keep in mind that the reference ranges are 64.8-104.4 mg/dl.

Because of this, I think that it would be better to talk with your physician to initiate a possible drug treatment.

Next, I want you to know that such high blood glucose level is not physiological and it can lead to severe organ damages and even to a life-threatening condition as ketoacidosis.

However, please find the following suggestions hoping that they will be useful to you:

  • First, you have start following a very strict diet, which is composed of low-carb and low-fat meal. Remember, that eating chocolate, cake, candies and other sweet stuff is not something good for you.

    Besides this, you have to avoid eat oily products, like pork, beef, fried products and others.

    At this point, it would be better for you to concentrate on eating vegetables, fish and chicken meat (especially the breast part). Remember that the fish and the chicken should not be served fried.

  • Another important component of the lowering-blood-glucose-strategy is the physical activity. It would be very good for you to run for about 30 min or just to walk for one hour.

    Something else is that you can combine the walk with mild exercises, like pushups or something else. Remember that while doing physical activity, you are going to burn the excessive amount of
    glucose in your body.

    This will lead to lower blood glucose concentration, which of course reduces the risk for the diabetic complications, including ketoacidosis.

  • Another suggestion of mine is consider using herbs, like cinnamon, bitter melon and gymnema sylvestre. These herbs are proved to work and glucose lowering agents, which mean that they will help you to bring your blood glucose level within the reference ranges.

    You can also use other local herbs that have shown to lower blood sugar (I know that India has lots of Ayuverdic herbs:)

    However, it is important that after purchasing the herb, you have to follow the instructions on the box and not to exceed the maximum daily dose.

  • There are other life-style changes that you should make in order to beat your diabetes. In other words, you have to quit smoking, if you smoke, because it will aggravate your problems and at certain point the risk for your life will be very high.

    Moreover, you have to avoid using alcohol, because this substance has very bad influence on the glucose metabolism - it can cause dangerously low blood glucose concentration.

    All the above-mentioned steps will enable you to reduce the glucose concentration in your blood, but I’m not sure if your efforts are going to be sufficient.

    Because of this, it is quite possible for you to start treating your diabetes with medications too. Remember, that you have to combine the drug treatment, along with the instructions I gave you.

    Such combination will keep your blood glucose concentration within the reference ranges.

    Hope it helped!


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