How To Stop Diabetes Without Drugs?

by Mary Ann Beck
(San Diego, California)

I learned how to stop diabetes from a filmmaker's diet in Europe. I was doing all the wrong things and my blood sugar was too high.

I used Actos and Metformin but these medications were only making me sicker. I would get a slightly lower blood sugar but I did not know I was hurting my heart.

My feet were swollen on Actos and I found out it was hurting my heart. How to stop diabetes means stopping the harmful medications

In the past 2 years diabetes medications have caused the deaths of thousands of people. In France one diabetes drug recently killed over 2,000 people. I learned from a filmmaker's diet that diabetes can be reversed with the correct diet and no medications.

The diet worked for me. The diet is not the typical sugar free diet that does nothing to heal. It is only when you use the right ingredients of nutrients that the disease will disappear. This is what happened to me. My Ac1 has gone from 10.0 to 6.2 only with my diet.

How to stop diabetes is done when you learn the right combination of nutrients that give a normal blood sugar level.
My Blood sugar use to be 185 but now I am a steady 88



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Diabetes & Oxygen Therapy Program

by Marge

QUESTION: I have heard that oxygen therapy can help diabetics. I want to know how? Is it true that I can cure my diabetic legs wounds with oxygen?

ANSWER: Hi Marge,

First, you have to know that diabetics are more prone to oxidative stress than normal people because of their imbalance of blood sugar. As their body tissues (especially the distal ones) will have lack of oxygen; therefore, they will get easily injuries and hardly to recover.

Thus, if you supply your body tissues with lots of oxygen, then, the healing process is easily obtained. Remember: oxygen is the worst enemy for the "ill" or "injured" cells. That explains why they are easily healed with oxygen therapy.

Diabetics can get profit from oxygen-therapy as they commonly suffer from neuropathies and injuries in their legs.

There are two ways of getting this "extra" oxygen:

1. systematically - you enter certain centres that are specialized in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and you breathe saturated air with 100% oxygen. However, this carry certain side effects like toxicity of your nervous system, cataract growth will be accelerated; claustrophobia, etc. The specialized medical team will approach and give the necessary assistance.

2. locally - there are some oxygen chambers or units that are applied to the injured areas (especially for wound legs). Therefore, you won't have any side effect as the "extra" oxygen is applied directly to the affected area. Actually, FDA has approved this kind of oxygen therapy program through chambers.

Bedside oxygen therapies are also available by specialized medical team; therefore, you can talk to your doctor if any of the above treatments are suitable for you.

All the best!


by: psychcindy

: I do not see it for side effects, but I am on insulin (pens)-lately am having severe heartburn; I do have GERD, but take medication for this. Have you ever heard of this for a side effect of insulin?

ANSWER: Hi Psychcindy,

There are many factors contributing to heartburn, however, insulin is not reported as one of them. In your case, both GERD and diabetes can contribute to heartburn.Click here to see how.


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