Vitamin B12 For Diabetic Neuropathy

by Jenny

EXPERIENCE: My sister has diabetes and I've been researching various alternatives to help her.

Among the things I've gotten her to start taking has been Gymnema Extract. Allegedly, the cause of diabetes is the destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas and in about 60% of the cases this supposedly helps bring them back.

Recently, I discovered that vitamin B-12 is supposed to help with neuropathy, which she has and it has helped her's significantly.

Then I found out that B12 also protects and helps in the replication of DNA and cell division. Could it possibly help bring back the B cells and do so more quickly than just the Gymnema alone.

The one thing I see that we need to be cautious about with B12 is that it helps speed up the growth of all cells. This means if a patient has cancer it will also help those grow.

She doesn't have cancer but who knows what the future holds and people should also be aware of the risks of anything they take.

We shouldn't only tell them what it might do to help but what it could do to hurt so people can make a fully informed decision about what is best for them.

REPLY: Hi Jenny,

Humans should always work hard until they find the right solutions to their problems. Although many problems or failures are expected; however, one should never surrender in front of the hard "waves of our life".

Now, coming to diabetes and related neuropathy problems. Although no one wishes to face such problems; however, when they are settled, one should get the right knowledge to face

I congratulate you for this. You are gaining knowledge to help your sister face her diabetic neuropathy problems.

It is true that when nerves are implicated in damages or problems; vitamins of group B are recommended, especially vitamin B12 for the reasons you mentioned.

Next, keep in mind that one should not use only vitamin for such problems. If you use rigorously vitamins, herbs, follow the right lifestyle and diet strategies, then, for sure, the success is nearby. She would be able to control her blood sugar oscillations very well.

You can say that you do not see any success. Who knows! At least, you are trying your best; but you are trying everything and not only one (let's say only herbs or only vitamins).

This is the secret to beat diabetes and/or other health concerns: Try everything!

Hope your sister will go on like this!

All the best to you and your sister!


Thank you for that vital information.
by: Viola

QUESTION: My mother-in-law is diabetic with neuropathy, she as used serveral drugs for relieve but none has worked for her, someone suggested we try Ceragem therapy, can this work to remove the pains?

Are there any repercussions that may affect her later.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Viola,

It is great that you are trying natural alternatives to relieve the neuropathy symptoms of your mother-in-law.

Nothing is precisely determined in medicine; the same happens to the side effects of Ceragem. As it is a new technology; little is known regarding the adverse reactions.

However, I do suggest to consult your doctor before using it and to watch carefully to your body for any undeliverable effect.

Hope it helped!

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