Natural way to heal your diabetes

by Sarfo Kantanka
(koforidua, Ghana)

I was diagnosed of having a high sugar level about 15 months ago. I was admitted for almost a week at a government hospital.

After my discharged I was placed on the insulin. I did this for almost a year and at one point in time I nearly collapsed and died because my sugar level dropped below the normal.

After that someone introduced me a natural means. The following is what i did:

1. Every morning I take lemon with warm water.

2. I always start my day with a glass of pure water and i make sure that i drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

3. I exercise regularly. At least 3 times a day, i walk for about 40 minutes before taking my bath in the morning. I drink a lot of water before, during and after exercise.

4. I eat a lot fruits in between meals, more especially orange, papaya, mango or banana.

5. Dandelion is my "chewing gum" in the morning and evening. At least, I chew 4 leaves of dandelion in the morning and evening.

6. At times, I use moringa to make green tea and drink in the morning and evening.

7. I stopped consumption of fatty foods, red meat, white flour foods, canned foods etc. i avoided alcohol, coffee and tea.

My food was mainly made of vegetables and dry fish. I stopped eating in the night. By 5.30pm, i have taken my supper and after having my supper i will walk for 20 minutes before I rest.

I don't drink water immediately I finished eating. I will wait for at least 30 minutes before i drink water.

8.I always pray to God to heal me.

I did this for only 4 months and my sugar level is stabilized. Any time I checked its always normal.

I will take this opportunity to tell all diabetics that all is not lost. You can be healed like me if you follow my steps. I now looked fresh and more handsome than before. God be with you all in your medication and lifestyle.

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Can diabetes be cured completely?

by Justus K'opiyo

QUESTION: I suspect to be having diabetes,

Can it be cured completely?

ANSWER: Hi Justus,

At first, I want to inform you that being suspicious for having diabetes, doesn’t mean that you have it.

In purpose to be sure of a real diagnose of diabetes, you have to consult with your health-care provider for additional testing.

Generally, the results from fasting blood glucose test, A1C test, oral glucose tolerance test and others are going to show if you have diabetes or not.

So, my advice for you is to perform these tests first, and then to look for options to treat diabetes.

  • Regarding your question, there are many ways to treat your diabetes. However, if diabetes is already set, there is no real option to remove this disease forever. Preventing diabetes is the key to not suffering from it or related complications.

    With medications, proper lifestyle and dedication, you can reduce the symptoms of diabetes and live your life like every other persons in the universe.

    The small difference is that you will have to do some more things about your health and to pay attention to what you are eating and what you are doing during the day.

    Please let us know the result from the test mentioned above, so I can give you proper directions and to teach you how to get rid of your diabetes, if you have it of course.

    Hope it helped!


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