Diabetes & High Blood Pressure Exercises

QUESTION: I want to know exactly what kind of exercise is best for someone with diabetes and high blood pressure? Can any type of exercise be ok for both conditions?


Diabetes and high blood pressure is a bad combination for exercises because every exercise is stressful for the organism, and every stress leads to elevation of the blood pressure.

You are supposed not to lift heavy weight and do make a lot of push ups because this will definitely cause some damages. But, appropriate for you condition is to take long walk in the park.

Exercise like this will not cause a threatening elevation of the blood pressure, because you are overtaxing your organism gradually.

Other important thing for you is to drink a lot of water during these walks for two main reasons:
1 - When you are walking, at the same time, you are loosing water, and your organism is trying to compensate this by rising your blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore, if you also have hypertension, an elevation of the blood pressure may cause you some problems.

2 - Besides this, when you are walking, you are using energy, provided by the glucose. This leads of course, to a reduction of the amount of blood glucose in the organism and by drinking water you are going to compensate it, because water stimulates some metabolic processes which are creating glucose (more energy for your organism).

As a conclusion, the best exercises for those with diabetes and hypertension are long walks, and not to put yourself in danger by doing heavy exercises.

All the best!


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