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I have quitted smoking after taking almost 40 years immediately in June, 2011 and subsequent to that I have got checked my diabetes and it is found as Fasting 193 and PP 360.

What should I do? I have stopped taking sugar in my tea/cofee/milk etc. and have been using Ayurvedic Churna for diabetes. Please inform. I have doing walking (almost 4 km. daily in the evening) for the last one year, as I could not walk more than that due to pain in my left knee.

Please give your advice and instructions for which I shall be highly grateful to you.

ANSWER: Hi Rajiv,

First of all, you have to know that diabetes type two is appearing as a result of progressive beta cell destruction or insulin resistance.

The most frequent reason for diabetes type 2 is the progressive beta cells destruction. That means that you are having normal insulin secretion, and at some point, the destruction of the beta cells, the cells which are secreting insulin begins.

You may have normal blood glucose level at the early stages of diabetes, but at the advances stages, an elevation of the blood glucose appears. Therefore, your doctor has to runs some more tests to determine the exact reason for this elevation.

  • It is good for you that you have stopped using sugar for the coffee, and I would recommend to cut the carbs as you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

  • Besides this, you have to consult with your doctor, because at the advanced stages of diabetes type 2, a need of injecting insulin is occurred.

    You have to know that injecting insulin is not the only option. There are a lot of drugs that are used for the blood sugar control in patients with diabetes type two.

    However, if you quit the sweet things and following your diabetic diet; that will definitely help keeping your blood glucose under control.

    regard to the diet, it is supposed to provide you all the proteins and vitamins you need and limited amount of sugar and fats.

  • Furthermore, you have to eat 4-5 times at small portions. In this way, you will provide enough food for your organism at every moment and preventing hypoglycemia to occur.

  • You can maintain normal blood glucose level and normal metabolism not only by running or walking. It is good for you to do some pushups or to light-to-aerobic exercises that will also help alleviating the pain in your knee.

  • With regards Ayurvedic Churn, according to non-official data, it has been shown very useful for the treatment of diabetes type two and for the weight-gaining prevention.

    However, you have to know that this is not approved by FDA, and for that reason the eventual side effects are unknown. Therefore, keep an eye on the side effects or anything that happens in order to prevent the unpreventable.

  • With regards to natural solutions, there exist many herbs that helps lowering blood sugar. On the other hand, a teaspoon of honey early in the morning is also useful for diabetics like you.

  • It is good for you to go to a doctor to see what the reason for the pain in the knee is. If the pain is appeared after falling, there is no problem; just keep it with ice or something warm to relieve the pain.

    But sometimes, the sudden pain the legs or in the knees is appearing as a result of complications caused by diabetes. Therefore, you need to check with your doctor.

    Another reason for knee pain is arthritis. Usually, this kind of pain are difficult to treat and will need time to disappear. You can apply pain-relieving ointments.

    Or, you can massage your knee with olive oil and then, wrap with something (not very tight) and keep it warm. Usually, this is recommended at bedtime for better results.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


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