Naturally Controlling Sugar Levels By Losing Weight

by Tony Rovere
(West Islip, NY)

According to the American Diabetes Association, the simplest and most effective way to bring your diabetes blood sugar levels under control is to lose weight. Of course, if you were just diagnosed with diabetes then you probable have been struggling with your weight a good part of your life, so this is easier said than done.

To that end, I wanted to give you a few simple tips that will enable you to shed a good 30-40 pounds in the next 12 months, or more, enabling you to control your diabetes and regain your health.

First, the simplest suggestion that I have is to start drinking water. This might sound like a mundane suggestion but if you take this to heart you will probably lose 40 pounds this year…or more…with this suggestion. Here’s why.

1) Water suppresses your appetite. If your stomach is filled with water then you won’t be hungry.

2) When you make the switch from alcohol, soda even diet soda and sugary drinks, you will be saving all of those empty calories. You could save 300 calories a day in this fashion.

3) Recent studies have shown that by drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal you will eat 15% fewer calories at that meal…and for most of us, this is a savings of about 300 calories a day.

So, just by drinking water you end up saving about 600 calories a day. How quickly could you lose weight if you were able to
save 600 calories a day, every day. This is 18,000 calories a month, or over 5 pounds of fat gone from your frame monthly.

The other tip I would add when it comes to weight loss tips would be for you to pre-plan your meals. When I was losing weight this was the single most important factor in my physical transformation.

And this is what I mean. The night before, I would take 5 minutes and just plan what I was going to eat tomorrow. You don’t even need to start counting calories even though I did. The point is that if you know what you are going to eat, then you avoid the inevitable temptations that come during the course of the day.

For example, if you know what you are going to eat for lunch and bring it with you to work, you aren’t going to be ordering takeout Chinese that will be destroying your diet that day. Just take a few minutes to do this nightly and you will see the pounds start to fly off.

Do this and you will lose weight…and at the same time start to naturally control your diabetes.

About the author:

Tony Rovere regained his health, strength and vitality by losing 60 pounds and managing to keep it off for over 4 years.

This is why he created, where he shares his passion for health and fitness with others so that they can accomplish the same goals that he has achieved.

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