Get Rid Of Diabetes Naturally With Diet?

by Naveed

QUESTION: I have been a type 2 Diabetic patient since last year. My sugar level normally ocur 270 (normal range is 120-180).

How can I get rid of this diabetes naturally and What type of diet should I follow?

ANSWER: Hi Naveed,

The bad news in here is that you are not able to get rid of diabetes, because this is chronic disease, which is requiring changes in the life style and a lot of efforts. Important fact is that blood glucose of 270mg/dl is too high and you are supposed to take adequate measures.

In addition, the normal blood glucose range of yours, which is between 120-180 is high too. So, in purpose to reduce the blood glucose concentration of yours you are obligated to follow few steps, which are sometimes very hard.

1. The first thing is to strictly follow the therapy, prescribed by your doctor that means that you have to take your medicines frequently and to try not to miss a dose.

2. The other important thing in this situation is to start following a diet, which has to be composed of 4-5 small meals. These meals has to be poor in carbs and you are obligated to start eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains.

3. Third thing, which does matter in here, is to start doing exercises. Exercises are very important, because while being on exercises you are using the excessive amount of glucose for energy.

This also known as burning process, is leading to a reduction of the concentration of blood glucose in your blood and better glucose metabolism.

The best way for you to do this is to start running one or two times a day for about 30 minutes (morning before breakfast, and before dinner).

However, if you don’t have enough time in the morning, you can run for about 45 minutes in the evening.

4. The other thing is to start using certain herbs, which have shown to reduce the blood glucose concentration in your organism. Some of the most popular herbs, used for in therapy of diabetes are Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon, cinnamon and others.

These supplements along with the drugs, exercises and diet are really going to improve your glucose metabolism. I agree that it is hard to use all these things with your busy daily round, but you are doing this for your health and for your life, so be patient and devoted to the cause and soon you will see that everything was worth.

Hope it helped!


I am Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

By Bonny


May I share with you my more than 20 years of experience with my type 2 diabetes.

My diagnosis fasting blood sugar reading in July 1991 was 468 mg/dl. What that meant then was that I had to take about 4 different anti-diabetes pills to treat my disease. I begged our medical doctor to allow me to try natural means of treating it.

Since then up to now, I have been using about 90 minutes of exercise every day as my only anti-diabetes medication.

Why don't I consider the heart-healthy, natural, and fresh (raw or cooked) foods I have been eating as part of my diabetes control method? Because most of them are carbohydrates which are notorious for creating unacceptably high after-meal blood sugar levels.

Diabetes experts say blood sugar should never be allowed to go unacceptably high. So why have I been allowing them to go high 3x/day for more than 20 years? Because they have never been harmful to me.

As the expression goes, Why fix it when it is not broken.

My past A1c's have been between 5.2% and 6.3%, the one I got in June 2011 was 5.6%. I have never had any diabetes complications, have never had any hypoglycemic episode, have always been healthy and strong and happy.

No, I can never get rid of my diabetes but I am very proud and very happy to report to you that I have been enjoying life like I have no diabetes.

Bonny - male, 76 years old, 139 lbs, 5'7"

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Beating Diabetes
by: Anonymous

I am sorry but I have been doing alot of investigation and research on diabetes Type II. I am currently writing a book on the subject. I am not a doctor nor a chemist. It is incorrect to say that Diabetes is not curable. You need to understand on why diabetes II was incurred in the first place. It has all got to do with transfat poisonous oils which attach itself to the cells that make your cells impermable. By avoiding transfat, etc and replacing these oils with non-treated, cold-pressed oils such as Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil, etc.

Yes, Diabetes is a "disease", but diseases are curable.

I am quite happy to answer any questions from the person who runs this excellant website.

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