Stress/Anxiety Lower Blood Glucose?

QUESTION: Can stress or anxiety lower your blood glucose level?

ANSWER: Hi there,

Every person has to know how to live a normal life, without having elevated blood pressure or high blood glucose concentration. Because of this fact, he/she has to know how the emotions are affecting his/her organism.

  • Regarding the stress and the anxiety, you are supposed to know that they are affecting the human body in a bad way.

    When you are stressed or nervous, your brain thinks that there is something dangerous which is coming ahead. Because of this, a preparation for fight begins and this preparation is characterized by elevated secretion of the stress hormones- adrenalin and noradrenalin.

    These hormones are secreted by the suprarenal glands and they are elevating the concentration of glucose in your blood.

    This elevation is observed, because the probable fight may require a lot of energy, provided by the glucose.

    In addition, when you are under chronic stress, you have permanent elevation of the glucose concentration in your blood, because of the stress hormones.

    This elevation and the fight preparation are protective mechanism from the ancient times. However, today in the modern society they are causing problems like developing diabetes in the future, when you are under a lot of stress.

    In purpose to avoid diabetes and other chronic conditions caused by stress, you are supposed to find a way to handle with stress.

    I understand that this is not something easy, but most people are beating stress by finding a hobby or another way to calm down. You should think about this, because, after all, you have only one life to live.

    Hope it helped!


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    Blood sugar level not dropping below 13

    by Mutale Chiluba
    (Copperbelt, Zambia)

    QUESTION: I'm a new patient diagonised with diabetes two weeks ago. I know I have not been sick for a long time because I did my tests a month ago and it was low about 8. I have been checking my blood sugar level regularly because diabetes is in my family.

    When the blood sugar level rose, it was about 25. I was admitted for 5 days in hospital but the sugar level only managed to drop to about 14. Since then my sugar level fractuates between 18 and 13.

    ANSWER: Hi Mutale,

    It is quite normal for newly diagnosed diabetics to have such oscillations in their blood glucose level. However, this should not discourage you, so you can stop doing the right things.

    However, it is quite strange to me that your blood sugar was as low as 8 one month ago; and now you had a spike up to 25. Perhaps, A1C test could be the most accurate to analyze your situation during the last 3 months and understand what is happening to you.

    Next, have you been under stress or had an overload at work recently? If yes, most probably, they are the answer to the sudden spike in your blood glucose.

    On the other hand, you should follow a healthy lifestyle and diet, without surrendering in order to succeed and bring your blood sugar back to normal levels again:

  • Have regular meals with lots of cereals, fruits and vegetables to lower your blood sugar.

  • According to your doctor opinion, you should start doing certain exercises from light ones to aerobic.

  • If your doctor has prescribed you certain diabetic medications, please have them regularly, and if you notice anything in your health condition; please ask the opinion of your doctor.

  • There are certain herbs that have shown their efficacy to lower blood glucose very well. You can find them at your country and start including at your daily menu at least once per day.

    Do not expect miracles within one night. If you are consistent, and willing to follow the right steps to beat diabetes; then, you will have the results very soon.

    Do not worry if your blood sugar do not drop quickly. It is a real success if you notice even small drops, meaning you are in the right road of controlling diabetes.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


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