Diabetic hypoglycemia symptoms

by Lisa
(Memphis, TN USA)

QUESTION: Are nausea, sweating, shaking, dizzy signs of diabetic hypoglycemia?

ANSWER: Hi Lisa,

  • According to what you are saying, it seems that YES, all these problems could be related to diabetic hypoglycemia.

    This is true if you are a diabetic, and, the most probable causes could be wrong dosage of diabetes medications, or skipping of meals.

  • In case, you do not know that you have diabetes, and, in addition if you are a woman, these problems could be related to early signs of pregnancy.

    Because, in the early stages, you may have lack of appetite and skip your meals, or eat very little. On the other hand, your baby is taking all the nutrients from you (including sugar), which explains the above-mentioned symptoms of hypoglycemia.

  • In case you are not diabetic, try to perform blood glucose tests to determine whether you have problems with hypoglycemia in order to take right precautions. Talk to your doctor for more!

    I hope I answered the problems you had although the little information I got from you.

    All the best!


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