Is Random Sugar of 117 Normal?

by Amita Dhir


I want to know that my random blood sugar level is 117. So, can u tell me if my sugar is normal or not or am i diabetic patient and if so plz tell me the remedies also to cure my disease.

ANSWER: Hi Amita,

According to ADA/EASD hyperglycemia management guidelines, blood sugar levels targets should be set personally and specifically for each person according to their age, body indexes (weight, height) and other diseases and conditions they might have.

Based on this, I should have these data of yours. If you a young person, such glucose levels can be accepted due to high metabolism rate of the young people.

However, if you are a mature person with other diseases; then, I should ask you to go for the next steps as the following.

In addition, I want you to measure your blood sugar levels for 2 subsequently weeks (each day at one precise time).

Next, I would like to ask you to measure fasting blood sugar, oral-glucose tolerance test, and A1C test. All these data are necessary to give an exact diagnosis.

Once I would have all these data, I could give an exact answer whether you are a diabetic, a pre-diabetic or a going-to-be:).

All the best!


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147 fasting & daily 128 avg sugar levels!

QUESTION: When I wake up, my sugar level is 147; through the day stays around 128. If I eat, it goes up to 180, comes down in about 3 hrs to 128.

Do I have diabetes?


The diagnosis of diabetes is not that simple. A doctor would not only consider one's blood sugar levels; but also the related symptoms one patient has.

So, according to your blood sugar reading, I would judge that you only have problems with morning blood sugar.

Most probably you might be a Pre-diabetic

There exist many factors contributing in these high readings, including the morning hormonal changes; a high carb-dinner, etc.

  • As you cannot do anything for your morning hormones:); you can change your dinner menu to a very simple and low in carbs. Once you do this, record the results and see if any changes occur.

  • Your post-prandial blood glucose is within the normal ranges. Furthermore, it is great that it comes down to 128 mg/dL after 3 hours.

  • The thing that makes me feel doubtful is your blood glucose through the day (of 128 mg/dL).

    One explanation could be that this is your normal blood sugar level. In other words, your body normally functions within this range.

    Another explanation could be the accuracy of measuring your blood sugar. I mean, whether you have followed the manufacturer instructions rigorously.

    Or, whether your blood glucose meter is working properly. You should test the accuracy of your glucose meter by using the control test.

    In addition, try to clean the apparatus from time in time according to the instructions given.

  • I would also ask if you have any symptoms of diabetes like being thirsty, frequent urination or other problems.

  • Next, have you done the A1C test? Do you have the results. In general, the diagnosis of diabetes is based on those results too.

  • At the end, I know that you want an exact answer whether you are a diabetic or not; but my medical concerns do not allow me to give you an exact answer.

    Only your doctor can give an exact answer as he/she knows better your medical history and the answers I am looking for.

    Moreover, you can do some other lifestyle and diet changes in order to keep your blood sugar under control.

    Specific herbs, coping with stress, quitting bad habits and improving the good ones are an excellent start to restore your health again.

    All the best!


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    QUESTION: Hi Doctor,

    Please guide me that my daily fasting sugar level always comes less than 105. But after getting A1C my result comes 6.7%. Kindly advice what it means. I was quite satisfied that I was under control. Please also note that I am not taking any medicine. I only use your tips of Natural remedies.


    ANSWER: Hi Sajjad,

    Thank you for following us and keeping updatedd through our website. Although it is a honor for us to help you beating diabetes; however, I should admit that our website is only an information source and does not substitute your doctor's advice.

    We do serve you according to the info you gave us, while your doctor knows better your medical history.

    Now, coming to your concern. I think your blood sugar levels are ok. I hope you will go on keeping your diabetes under control as you have done until now.

    All the best!

    A1C Test

    by: B.A.Ajai


    My daily fasting blood sugar level ranges from 98 to 108, kindly direct me on how i can perform the ac1 test on myself at home.


    ANSWER: Hi Ajai,

    I am very glad to hear that you are doing fine in keeping your blood sugar within the normal ranges.

    It is true that theren exist an option to measure your A1C level at home by using an appropriate meter. You can find it at your local drugstore or buying online.

    The thing that makes me feel doubt fool is the exact interpretation of the results and the time of measuring.

    All the best!

    How to take care for my health?

    by:: Padmini Krishnan

    Very informative. I like your suggestions. I follow your suggestion. I have one doubt: How do ladies finger help to sugar level lowering?

    ANSWER: Hi Padmini,

    Lady finger, also known as okra is a good source of fiber:

    1. Soluble fiber (named "superior") that inhibits the absorption of glucose from intestines.

    2. The mucilage compound can bind the cholesterol; thus, inhibiting its absorption from intestines and preventing high cholesterol.

    3. The insoluble fiber content aids in the formation of fecal mass, ensuring its smoothy passage through colon.

    4. Lady fingers are also a good source of many vitamins like: vitamin A, C, B6, folic acid, etc. Thus, they supply diabetics with what they lacks.

    Hope your doubt is cleared out!

    All the best! Do not forget lifestyle and other dietary changes for the best control of diabetes.


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