Why my blood sugar flunctuates?

by Faisal


When I check in the morning, my sugar is about 120 - 130 but then in the evening it comes down to 80 - 90 max to 100.

I am taking 30GM of Diamicron in the morning and 2000MG glucophage at night .

Please advice!

ANSWER: Hi Faisal,

At first, I want to remind you that the normal blood glucose concentratio varies from 64.8 up to 104.4 mg/dl.

According to this, your morning blood glucose concentration is not that high, but I’m sure that you can do better.

Anyways, now I will give you some possible causes of this slight elevation in your blood glucose level in the morning:

1. I want you to remember that the carbs are not affecting the blood glucose concentration just for a moment. They are circulating through your body with the blood, until they got used.

Therefore, if you have been eating a lot of carbs at dinner, in the morning you will wake up with elevated blood glucose concentration.

Besides this, I want you to remember that during night, the speed of the metabolic processes executed in your organism is not that high.

This means that some of the substances, like glucose, are circulating for pretty long time in your body, until they get used.

2. Something else, which results with elevated blood glucose concentration in the morning are the hormonal changes.

want you to know that after waking up certain hormones, like cortisol, adrenalin, noradrenalin and others are increasing their secretion.

A side effect of those morning hormones is to increase the blood glucose concentration, in purpose to ensure the body with enough energy.

So, it is quite possible for you to have blood glucose elevation because of the increased morning hormonal secretion.

3. At last, I want you to know that the diabetes treatment is unique for every single patient and it requires frequent drug dosage adjustments.

This means, that sometimes the dosages of your drugs have to be changed due to diabetes progression.

Inaccurate dosage adjustment can explain your morning blood glucose spike. Because of this, I want you to discuss this with your health-care provider, but remember to provide him the result of at least 5 morning blood glucose measurements.

I want to inform you that drugs are not the only option for you to beat your diabetes. I think that at this point, it would be good for you to start following a diet, along with exercises and herb usage.

Regarding the herbs, I want you to reconsider using gumnema sylvestre, bitter melon or cinnamon, because they are proved to be effective for a long time now.

By following the above instructions, you will be able to keep your blood glucose controlled, but remember, they stimulate the drug treatment and they can’t replace it.

Hope it helped!


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How is Hba1c is 10.7 when my FBS is 129 and PPBS is 190?

by Prasanna

QUESTION: When I check my FBS and PPBS, the readings always shows 129 and 190 only, but HBA1c is showing 10.7.

How is it possible? Is there in wrong in Hba1c?

ANSWER: Hi Prasanna,

The truth is that the glucose is not the only thing, which affects the exact A1C value in the human body.

Please keep in mind that the glycated hemoglobin is formed by the hemoglobin in the red blood cells and by the glucose found in the blood.

So, as you probably can imagine, the exact value of the glycated hemoglobin depends on the blood glucose level from one side and from the red blood cells count, their lifetime and the amount of hemoglobin in the body on the other side.

Because of this, when there is low red cell count or low hemoglobin concentration, the exact amount of A1C in your body will be higher.

Because of this, I should ask you to perform the CBC panel test, which can show you these parameters, in purpose to see if they are normal.

  • To make you understand better, please find the following as the most probable causes of elevated A1C test result without having elevated blood glucose level:

    1. The first one is the iron-deficiency anemia. When there is not enough iron in your body, due to many reasons, there is not enough hemoglobin, which of course results with elevated A1C level.

    2. Second probable explanation is recent blood transfusion, because of large operation.

    3. At last, certain genetic disorders can lead to elevated glycated hemoglobin, without having elevated blood glucose concentration at the same time.

    However, the only thing, which you have to do, is to consult with your health-care provider in purpose to perform the CBC panel test.

    This is the only thing which can lead to possible explanation of your elevated glycated hemoglobin.

  • Next, there is something I have to tell you about your fasting blood glucose level. To my point of view, your result of 129 mg/dL is really high (the normal fasting glucose readings are up to 104.4 mg/dL).

    Therefore, you have to try to bring it down, because such slightly elevated fasting blood glucose level can lead to such high A1C test result.

    Hope it helped!


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