How high is Blood Sugar Raised after a Hershey Kiss?

Hershey Kiss Blood Sugar Effect

Hershey Kiss Blood Sugar Effect


How high can your blood sugar level be raised when eating a hershey kiss cookie?

ANSWER: Hi there,

In purpose to understand, how high the Hershey kisses are raising the blood glucose concentration, I have to explain you few things first.

Please remember that 1 gram of pure glucose raises the blood sugar concentration with 3 points if your weight is 200lb; with 4 points, if your weight is 150lb, and with 5, if your weight is 100 lb.

According to this, if your body weight is 200lb and you acquire 10 grams of glucose, your blood glucose will be raised by 30 points.

Of course, this elevation is observed only during the first few minutes after the consumption of those 10 grams of glucose.

A few minutes later, your blood glucose level will come back to normal.

Regarding eating Hershey kisses, as far as I know 1 piece of them contains around 3 grams of glucose.

So, if you weigh 150lb, your blood glucose level will raise with 3x4=12 points.

In case your blood glucose level was 84mg/dl, before the consumption of a piece of Hershey kisses; it will be 96 mg/dl after it's consumed.

However, I want to inform you that these numbers are not valid for all individuals, because they depend on their age, on their physical and mental activity, the the presence of diabetic treatment or not.

Besides this, there are normal human beings, which have slower glucose metabolism, which of course will result with higher blood glucose concentration after the consumption.

In addition, there are other people with very fast glucose metabolism, which explains why they can metabolize the glucose easily, without spikes in they blood glucose concentration.

As I don’t know if you are diabetic or not, I have to warn you to pay more attention to the sweet products, if you are diabetic and to limit/avoid their consumption.

Hope it helped!


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