Could trilipix raise my blood sugar level

QUESTION: Could trilipix raise my blood sugar level?

ANSWER: Hi there,

For your information, Trilipix stands for Tripilix, a drug used to improves the cholesterol metabolism, which also reduces the risk for heart attack and stroke as well.

Furthermore, you have to know that this drug is new on the market and it was approved by the FDA several years back.

I’m telling you this because sometimes all the side effects of certain new drugs are unknown at the moment when the drug is approved for usage.

In addition, some of the side effects are discovered several years later.

Anyways, I have to inform you that it is not listed that this drug causes changes in the blood glucose concentration.

That means that according to the test executed by the producer, this drug is safe for use from diabetics.

However, if you are worried about something you can always speak with your doctor about this and to ask him to change Trilipix with another drug, because of your concerns.

Other thing, which you have to remember, is that this drug really reduces the risk for heart attack and stroke, but you can do something by yourself in purpose to have even lower risk.

So, you just have to start or continue following a healthy diet and to start doing exercises as well. I have to inform you that with those activities you are going to have lower risk for cardio-vascular diseases and better blood glucose control as well.

With proper diet and exercises your blood glucose result are going to be lower than usual.

Hope it helped!


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