Just how does one "eat" Garlic raw?

by Romy

Eat Garlic Raw

Eat Garlic Raw

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I've heard of its benefits and I use it quite a bit for cooking (although I used the minced version in the jar).

Would garlic tablets do? Where do you find liquid garlic and how do you take it? Thank you.


Hi Romy,

In my country tradition, we eat raw garlic when we have our dishes. Just we clean it, and bite and eat as you bite and eat bread.

For some people it is not nice, but we use it for the flavor it gives to our traditional dishes.

Garlic tablets have the extract of garlic inside, and this is for those people who do not like the flavor or the taste of garlic.

About the liquid garlic, I'm not sure where you can find it, just ask in the drug store. It's like the garlic tablets with the garlic extract.

However, fresh garlic is better in all cases.

Take care!

Eating garlic raw
by: Anonymous

We chop up some raw garlic, mix it with soy sauce, use as dipping sauce for pan fried tofu. yummy.

Swallow it with water..
by: Anonymous

Well; in Egypt; this has been a habit for diabetic people; we take 1 garlic clove and we peal it off; and make cuts into it with a knife; then we just swallow it with water; you can cut it into small pieces if you like; but this must not be done on an empty stomach; it is too acidic; so make sure you eat something before; best with breakfast.

Eating Garlic Raw
by: Anonymous

I make my own hummus and put lots and lots of garlic in. Tastes great and goes down easy. I can get at least a couple of cloves of garlic down at one time. Also, when I do eat pizza, which isn't often anymore, I'll used fresh chopped garlic instead of garlic powder. You can also put chopped garlic into your salads.

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